It's a TUMOR

G'day all,

I posted a while ago that I had an infected lymph node and that it was messing with my levels. Well as it turns out it wan't that at all, it was a Tumor!

It is located in my parotid salivary gland and is about 2cm by 3cm. Had a fine needly biposy and CT, results show it is most likely benign (like 90% chance). Booked in for surgery with Head and Neck specialist. I am looking forward to getting the uncomfortable thing out of my head.

Endo thinks it has or is messing with my levels. She has lent me a CGM for a week to see how I am tracking and get back to a reasonable level. Interesting machine this CGM can't say it is fully accurate but does show trends.

They say the Tumor it is not linked to the T1D but then again they have no reason why I got it...just lucky I guess. Could have been a lot worse though, so really I am lucky.