Its all to much

its not but it is. I just called the school nurse to get her to send a fax so we can get the pens approved through chp+ instead on vials and syringes. She says its not against school policy she just doesnt have anyone there to train to use vials and syringes which is bs she just doesnt want to train anyone. Plus it doesnt matter the stupid school  is legally required to have someone there grr whatever. Then we get into  me needing the orders for RIleys insulin dosing and such I just figured the ones from last year would carry over and without a endo that is going to be tons of fun. So until then it looks like I will be at the school more often than not to take care of her again this year. GRRRR I am so upset at the system. Why cant we get a easy button? I want to so badly just breakdown and cry scream yell maybe even punch a pillow or something. I get to meet the stupid nurse Monday the first day of school to go over everything and without orders I am screwed. So grr. I am sick and tired of all this bs she is my kid and if I say she needs this this and this well you best dang well do it. Even tho we have the chp+ we have to register their cards at the clinic before they will make appointments for them. Which means a trip to the ghetto with 3 kids 2 of which are so unwilling to do such things I want to pull my hair out by the end I have been putting it off until my hubby had a week day off which he has not had in forever now. Before I needed him to he was working 4 tens and had one week day off. The stupid school nurse seems to think Riley needs restrictions on how often she tests during the day but there is no way I am going to let anyone tell her she cant test. Then I tell her she wants to test in class and she says it depends. The hell it does she is allowed to have any and all of her supplies with her and she should be able too. They have lock downs at school and they  are not aloud to let anyone in the rooms if there is one.  That includes the stupid nurses. How in the heck is my kid going to get what she needs if they cant let the nurse in? I half way want to give up and I half way just want a lawyer so I dont have to do this. 


Sorry I just needed to vent. I am fine and will deal with it I am just so grr after one phone call from this lady.

blah just feeling sorry for myself. I will take a nap then I will be in the right state of mind to cope with it all.


Have you tried calling the district office? They are required under federal law to provide her with the accomodations she needs, see

I put together a 504 plan for Sarah this year. It basically states:

  • That she has diabetes and what this means for her on a daily basis
  • That she can carry a test kit with her and test whenever she needs to
  • That she can eat in class whenever she needs to
  • That she can go to the bathroom or the office whenever she needs to
  • What teachers should look for in low/high blood sugar and what to do if they suspect she's out of whack
  • That she won't be penalized for missing school because of her diabetes
  • That if she's outside her healthy blood sugar range during a test, she can make-up
  • That if she has to test during a timed test, she will be given extra time to complete the work
  • Etc...

The school is required by law to comply with this plan. So if your school isn't cooperating, call the district office and complain. Also, I always suggest sending something in writing, like an email. If there's proof you've contacted them with no response, you have more leverage to go up the chain and to the Department of Education if necessary. Write the nurse a letter and cc the district office, school board, and department of education. I bet that would get her attention.

Yeah I called a ton of people last year and had to drop it cause of my son. Not that I got any further with the district people either. I know the laws and she says she doesnt have to risk her license training people who  are not qualified to do it or she doesnt have time. Then when I bring something up she changes her story slightly. So yay fun time. She is evil and I will have to put up a fight this year but first I need to find her a doctor or endo yeah right that can treat her in this city.

I really don't know what to say.....I don't understand why you are having such difficulties with your school????  You might need to seek some representation. 

This school nurse has a bunch of schools she covers. She is only at our school one day a week to check on things. That is the first problem. Second she "wont risk her license training unqualified people" Third she lies.  Its all the nurse telling everyone else that I am wrong and she is right. She tells me one thing then turns around and tweaks it so its something else. Last year she said it was against her/their policy to use syringes and vials because its to hard to train people how to draw it up. My butt its to hard. I had to learn in a day.  She has excuse after excuse for it all. Oh but then when I needed a letter from it saying its against her policy she says well it isnt against policy its just that there is nobody to train on it.  GRR I want to slap her.  If we end up going back to the vials I will be getting a hold of legal aide and well anyone else I have to get a hold of to make this woman either do her job or fired so someone who cares for kids gets her job. 

She also asked me if I was going to volunteer again this year. Hello I didnt volunteer I was forced there by her incompetence. Well that and my daughter needed me and no matter what is right or wrong I am there for her. I will be again this year if I need to be but with the pens she can do it herself. Without she cant.

In my experience the only thing that the schools fear is the Superintendent,  demand a meeting I can assure you the ducks will get in a row.  On Long Island it's a huge hassle for the management to tie the super up. We did the 504 ,  it's a one and done as it will follow your child...also our Endocrinologist helped in the process .  Good Luck

This sounds extraordinarily stressful. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you. 

The old principle and I were going to go to the sup. together but like I said my son started having grand mals and so on. We did a 504 and she wouldnt agree to well much of anything. So we get to do it all over again this  year.

[quote user="Jessica "]

I get to meet the stupid nurse Monday the first day of school to go over everything and without orders I am screwed.


There is a book, with Pink Panther on the cover that's got forms with all orders, you fill out her information and doses and stuff, fax it to your doctor, he will sign it and send it back. print that out, and take it. It has everything they could possibly require, and you can make as many copies as you need (as it says on the bottom of the page) I will try to attach the forms you will need to this post. I hope it helps. Anyone who needs them can use them.I also included an informational sheet to explain to the nurse how to calculate everything so she can educate herself and maybe as the year goes on, she will understand enough how to do it, and you won't have to go all the time. to get these on your own computer from this post, left click, and select "save picture as...", save it, print it, and fax to your doctor if your school requires the signature.






Jessica, that is a lot of forms and hassle to have to go through in order to get proper care for your daughter. When I was in elementary school, starting in 1945, there was no insulin to be taken during my time there and no testing of my blood sugar. None of the teachers had ever heard of diabetes. It was simple, but your daughter's health/control will be so much better than mine was. I hope you feel it is worth all that you are going through so she will have that better control. Good luck with this!

man, I don't envy you and I hate how hard the schools are making this stuff these days! More stress you don't need! When I was in school, my mom would come in the first week to do a quick presentation and talk to the kids in my class about diabetes. that was it. our school nurse was also stretch over multiple schools, so i actually never saw her. my teachers were given basic instructions to let me go to my bag to test my blood sugar and eat if i needed to, and then make sure i ate my lunch(we had to eat in the classroom). if they had any questions or concerns, call her at work.

we had a few problems, more specifically with my first grade teacher putting an egg timer on my desk that ticked until it was time for my 10am snack (instead of letting me have a watch my mom bought that had a quiet alarm to go off at 10..she said that was too distracting) and this one "duty" (aka stay at home mom who supervised recess) took away my oreos cuz she was under the impression she could take food away from me if it wasn't "healthy" for a diabetic. but nothing like what parents need to go through now. a few meetings with the principal straightened out all the problems the first year and after that everything was fine for the most part.

i didn't take shots at lunch for the first few years, but even when i started in grade 5 doing corrections and such during school hours, no one was there to help me. i could go to the office and call my mom if i needed help, but i didn't have to rely on the school nurse or have someone pre-approve what i was doing or doses i was doing.

soooo much easier than what you're having to go through and other parents seem to be going through!


i hope this all gets worked out! good luck!

Nichole we actually have the pink panther book but thank so much for doing that. The school nurse isnt there everyday just one day a week and she wont train other people on what to do is the biggest problem. I cant get orders until I find a new doctor here for Riley the old NP we saw in the hospital isnt on our new insurance so we cant go back to  her. After our meeting at the school I have to register their cards at the clinic then I can make them appointments.  There is clinic here that has a bunch of different kinds of docs in it that cover different areas of medicine. Normally they come down once or twice a month from the other 2 big cities in this state. There are no pediatric endos in my town taking new patience. I just figured the orders from last year would still be good for the year. It never crossed my mind they wouldnt be. It says on them parents may make adjustments to insulin dosing right on them so yeah I figured I was good to go.

See Batts its more or less the same thing here. I just feel the staff or at least 3 member's of the staff should be trained in how to give her injections. The nurse wont train them there are at least 3 people who have type one experience 1 a teacher who is a type one MOM. 2 the media director aka librarian she is a type one WIFE and actually the health clerk is type two but insulin dependent!! HELLO I want to know if there is a emergency Riley will have the support at school she needs. I want Ri and she wants it too to carry all her supplies with her daily. She wants to test in her classroom so she doesnt miss so much instruction time. She also wants it with her for things like lock downs. The teachers are not even aloud to open the doors for people with nursing ID for the district because a gun man could be forcing them. How in the heck is she suppose to get her insulin or even tester if this happens for real? The fake ones only last about a hour but a lot can happen in a hour. She wants her insulin with her too. I cant say I blame her. Anyhow the office staff has no idea what to do for lows. Last year I saw the other new t-1 go in there and I could look at her and see she was low. So I stopped to make sure she was ok and taken care of. She was at 76 her endo wants her to treat at 80 but even so you can tell she had dropped and was dropping. The secretary said what should we do? TO a 10 year old that hadnt been dxed 3 weeks yet! That is not ok in my book. She should have a list sitting there telling her who is low at what number and what to do. I told them what to do and even tho she should have still called her parents its treat then phone call. Training for lows and what to do is not something anyone needs a medical license for.

You may want to also persue the ADA (American with Diasabilities Act) to force the school to let her carry suppies. Just as they need to provide wheel chair access to all areas of the school, now that the ACA regulations specifically include diabetics, she needs immediate access to supplies at all times. They would not bring a wheelchair user into a class and remove the wheel chair and then store it in the principle's office, There is no difference, and the result of not having access can be much worse than having to crawl back to the office to get your wheel chair.