It's been 1 week since I have started the pump

First of all thanks to all of those that replied on my last post with your experiences. It is much appreciated.

Anyways, I have been on the pump now for a week. I am seeing some good results so far. I am not yet 100% comfortable with having the pump attached to me and I feel it has affected my sleep this last week; I have been waking up constantly at night all week.

I have switched out the infusion set twice on my own now. The first time was quite comical and I wasted 2 infusions sets and quite a bit of insulin. I haven’t had any issues hitting scar tissue or anything but I am paranoid about using old sites, if that makes sense.

I also went on a long bike ride over the weekend, stopping every few hours to check my sugars and they ranged from 90 - 120! That is perfect. I did feel low at one point and just ate a cliff bar. I didn’t test but should have.

I am on the fence about having the CGM though. I mean I still am not used to having the infusion set inserted in me and in a few weeks I am meeting with the trainer to work on the CGM. So that will be two foreign objects stuck in me 24/7…


Dear David,

Congratulations on your success at pumping! Sounds like your in good control with your bike rides as well. Don’t worry about CGM …one step at a time. I tried CGM but it wasn’t for me but can be very useful to understand your trending for highs

Hang in there and reach out with any questions!


You are overthinking having the pump on which is probably why you can’t sleep. But, I promise after a while you will forget it’s there. The beginning is tough. once you get the hang of everything then you should consider getting the CGM. But, you should really feel more comfortable with your pump first. Baby steps!!

You can always go to the sensor training to learn how to use it and then not use it until you’re ready. I used to only wear my sensor sporadically (maybe once every 2-3 months) before I really started trying to tighten up my control. Now I usually don’t go more than 2 days between sensors, if any at all. However, I think the others are right that you need to be more comfortable with your pump first. Although sensors are great technology, they can be overwhelming at first with all of the alarms going off. Plus, it will take time to learn when you can and can’t trust your sensor’s accuracy (that statement will make perfect sense once you use one for an extended period of time–don’t worry). Finally, I will warn you that when I started using the new 530G/Enlite system (assuming that’s what you have) it took a few weeks of wearing the sensor for it to be as accurate as I wanted. I felt like the pump/sensor had to “learn how to read me”, so to speak. I’m sure your trainer will deny this–it’s just my personal opinion/experience. I used the Paradigm pump and SofSensors for a while before upgrading to 530G/Enlite, so it wasn’t like I was new to the technology.