It's been awhile

So, I have not been on here in awhile...I missed it truly.  But, I absolutely love the Resources tab!  That was a nice addition to come back to.  

This is just random too, but...I went to the eye doctor because I felt like my eyes were getting too blurry recently.  The doc then confirmed that I was near-sighted, but my eyes have not been affected by my diabetes and that they were actually perfectly healthy (other than the near-sightedness).  Well, that was good news but a bummer all together since up until now I never had to wear glasses.  However, poor eyesight does run in my family.  :o(   I guess it's better than having damaged eyes from the diabetes.  :o)


Welcome back!

Ah, diabetic eyes!  I get mine checked every year, and my vision has gotten worse and worse over the years - I had to get glasses in 4th grade when it was revealed that my vision had deteriorated to 20/140 in a matter of months, and I am now at 20/800 or thereabouts without glasses/contacts (can hardly see a thing far away at that level, lol) - but none of it is due to diabetes, either, thankfully.  :)  In fact, I have yet to show any warning signs of retinopathy.