It's going to be one of those days 🤪

I got a message that my sensor session would be exporting in a couple of hours, so I got up and went to change it. It’s something of a comedy of errors: I cleaned the site, places my sensor, pressed the inserting button - and it didn’t stick. I had forgotten to remove the adhesive - DUH!! It’s my own fault and I don’t feel right calling for a replacement. Thankfully a few weeks ago I used Freestlye for a few days so I’m still on track.
I inserted sensor #2 with the take exposed this time :tada:. I use a cover and a Simpatch, and I fit the Simpatch over the cover in advance (it’s easier that way) then place it over the transmitter and sensor. I placed it but something was wrong - I hadn’t put the transmitter in! Thankfully only the patch and the cover come off - not the sensor - so it was easy enough to put the sensor in, followed by the rest of the contraption. I’m good to go now, and waiting for it to give me some readings. I’m just sitting here laughing at myself and my silliness. Thankfully it all worked out. Enjoy a chuckle if you like.


Thank you for the laugh! Makes me feel less alone. I’ve done similar things!

So glad to have some company! Have a beautiful day.

Hi @wadawabbit I have a lot of anxiety about pushing that button on the inserter. Anyway I was sweating out pushing that button one time and forgot to take the needle protector off the dumb CGM. When I finally clicked I nearly jumped through the air as I was expecting a needle and not a punch in my side. Lesson of the day; these things happen.

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I know. Plus, the G5 inserter was compact but I found the insertion just a little painful. The G6 looks intimidating but was gentle and I don’t even feel it going in! It is something to adjust to though.

@wadawabbit: Argh…I had to type and print a detailed checklist for my hubby after he started using a CGM because he would absolutely do things like that (hey, he’s “older”!). I’m almost glad to hear it’s not just him…it can happen to everyone! And yes, I did laugh out loud! We are definitely checklist people…I am also the queen of post-it notes. :wink:

Hey, things can happen! A few weeks ago I was preparing to change my infusion set on my Tandem t:slim (and who NAMES these things?!), and the first thing I did was unpeel my SENSOR first! And I had just inserted it the day before! so lost 9 days of sensor time. And since it was my fault, I didn’t feel right about asking Dexcom for a replacement. So I went about 3 days without a sensor, about three times in a row, until I got back on schedule.

I think it happened because I tried to do it without first having a cup of coffee…

I did that once when I was using the G4 or G5. I discovered they stayed accurate for me way past their 1 week lifespan, so I used each one until the tape came off or the fingerstick calibrations were several points off, whichever came first - which meant I always had some extras. But boy it was maddening! And I’m not sure I can even blame it on lack of coffee :rofl::tired_face::rofl:!
Glad to be in good company - thanks for sharing.

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@wadawabbit, you need to go back to bed, sleep it off, and start over again in a few hours. GRIN.

Truer words were rarely spoken my friend - thanks!

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