It's My 35th Diabetes Anniversary

My joke is usually that to celebrate diabetes anniversaries we should each eat a giant piece of cake and bolus and see whose carb counting skills are the best. 

To celebrate 35 years with type 1 diabetes I'm just thankful to be a loved wife and mom, with friends on Juvenation who have encouraged and taught me so much.  No diabetes complications and I'm not afraid of them anymore. 

The older I get the more I realize time zips by while we're busy living our lives.  So I'm already looking forward to participating in the Joslin 50-Year Study.   Remind me of my laid back attitude about time flying by next year when I celebrate my 40th birthday...  

Take care and thanks.



keep up the great work Jenna,  here's to survival skills and another 100 birthdays.

I don't know about survival skills.  In my case more like dumb luck. =)

Congratulations Jenna.

Many, many congratulations, Jenna! I'm happy to see you're still around here too, sharing your great experiences with everyone. Happy Diaversary (late)!

Thanks everybody.  Who knew diabetes could be so cool?

Congratulations. I hope my daughter has as much success as you.

I hope your daughter DOESN'T do what I did!  I was a mess through my teen and college years.  My junior year of college I was hospitalized twice in the same week... once for a severe high and once for a severe low.

It took a long time for me to come to peace with having diabetes.  Thankfully God kept me alive long enough to grow up and start doing better.  

Congratulations to you!  I am 62 and diagnosed in I've had this disease for 51 years.  Keep doing what you are doing and you will succeed in living a long life and avoid complications.  The only thing I have going now is some bleeding in my left retina, but we had it fixed and now all is well.  No other complications to speak of and I've been on my Animas insulin pump for 10 years now.  The best invention ever!  Good luck to you and keep on keepin' on.

Thanks Eileen!  One thing I love about TypeOneNation is hearing from people who've lived with diabetes 50 years or more.  

Did you get your Joslin 50 Year Medal?  Have you participated in any of their research studies?