It's not me, It's you

Have you ever heard the common line of: 'It's not you, It's me.'?

For those of us with depression that is a common thought in our heads. The guilt of feeling like an utter disappointment? The feeling of hopelessness? Thinking: We're not worthy of the good things in life. The real question we should be asking ourselves instead of ruminating on how awful we think we are is: Why?

It's a simple yet infinitely complex question. It can lead to bad and miserable thoughts; yes I'll admit that, but hear me out. WHY are we not deserving of happiness? WHY are we letting the guilt of what OTHER people might think affect our decisions? It's easier said than done. Not letting other people affect how we feel, how we think, how we present ourselves. Ultimately it's us assuming what other people expect of us; so in short, most of the time, we are all our own worst enemies.

A few truths I've learned over the years (and trust me it took me a while to admit they are the truths of how to live) 1) No one can love you until you love yourself & 2) Live life for yourself, not ANYONE else.

Realizing and living by these few things makes your life much more happier because then you're being YOURSELF; not melding into the dull herd of society. You'll be doing what YOU want to do. Doing what makes you happy, whether its dressing in all leather, shaving your head, taking a philosophy class, singing out loud, dancing to a beat in public, etc. This will also help you find who you want to be around, the people that accept you for your true colors and when you're around those positive encouraging people you'll feel even better about yourself.

I'm going to end this by explaining the title of my post. During one of support groups I went to a bright lady came to the conclusion: There's nothing wrong with me, you just don't accept how I am as a person. It's not me, It's you.

Also, EVERYONE (yes, I mean EVERYONE) is deserving of happiness. You, me, the person you pass by in your car, the people half way across the globe. EVERYONE.