Its time for a change

Hi guys I have been a type 1 diabetic for a year and 7 months. I’ve been on Metronic 630g and Dexcom G6 for a while now… almost a year I would say. I want to change from Metronic 630g to T:Slim X2 insulin pump but am not sure how to go about it. My insurance is Aetna and they cover it with qualifications but I do not know the qualifications that I need to pass. Does anyone know them?

Also I would like to know how long do I need to wait to change insulin pumps. I am not sure if I have to be on one insulin pump for a certain amount of time to move to another.

And finally has anyone gone through something like this?

@Racheltoner hi Rachel. In my opinion, contact Tandem and have their sales people do ALL the work for you. That’s what they do. Since all insurance varies, they will get all of the information you need. Easy peasy. Good luck.

Good advice fro @joe! If you qualified for an insulin pump, you should be able to get Tandem, if your DME 4 years is up. For a while, Tandem was offering an early purchase deal for some users who were switching to Tandem. I think you will like the Tandem/Dexcom combination because it integrates CGM data and pump functions, automating some of your dosing decisions, rather than relying on you to figure out what’s going on and react to it. One FYI - as you move to more automated systems, your basal rate, carb ratio, and insulin sensitivity settings become much more important. I’d suggest you spend some time testing them, if you haven’t done that recently. Good luck!

You should be able to change your pump when your warranty runs out, typically every 4 years, but if you have a new insurance plan check to see if you have to wait.
I don’t know that the qualifications are different between pumps - each time my warranty ran out it was a matter of personal preference and doctor recommendation, and my insurances in the past have covered all of them. When I was considering switching from Medtronic to TANDEM (which I did several years ago) my doctor put me in touch with a TANDEM rep and they took care of handling any prequalifications.