Iv3000 1-Hand Set covers

A daughter is just starting to use the set/pump on her back hip area and we're out of the iv3000 covers.

My questions are, is the iv3000 the best cover and where are the best prices for them? We found a box of 100 online for $49.99. Does anyone know of a better price?

Which pump and sets is she using. You may not need the IV3000. 

Let us know and maybe someone has an alternative for the pump and set you are using.

I'm on a MiniMed pump and I put my sites in my hips, legs, arms, and stomache and I don't ever use the iv3000. I use to when I first got my pump because I was young and was afraid I would rip my site out. But, my sites are usually fine without using those.

How old is your daughter and how long has she been on the pump?

She's on the mini-med. She's been on it since January. We didn't start using the iv3000's at first but after she knocked her site out by pulling her pants up once we started using them. She likes the security of them.

So far she's only put the site on her stomach and hip/butt. Do you have to use the angled sets to do the arms or legs?

Yeah, I did that a lot too. hah.

At first I was on the angled sets. But I didn't weigh enough to be on them eventually. So I got switched to the ones that went straight in. When I had the angled sites I would put them in my stomach, hips, and arms. (My legs were too muscular). Now that I have the straight in's, I put them in my legs sometimes too. They are a lot easier to handle, for me anyway.

The arm has always been a pretty good place for me. It works really well. You just have to make sure to keep your tube inside of your shirt. hah. :)

I liked the security of them at first too. I was 12 when I was diagnosed, and I was put on the pump when I was 14. So, I know what she's feeling. It's difficult and scary but I can honestly say that it only gets easier. The pump is a magnificent piece of equiptment and your daughter (and you as a parent) will find is so much easier to control diabetes with it. The hardest part is remembering to be careful of the site. And there will be times that the site falls out or gets pulled out. But, as long as you have supplies with you at all times, it is pretty easy to handle.

I feel like I am rembling now but I have done a lot of research and been through a lot with my diabetes (insulin reisistancy, comas, etc.) so I feel pretty educated. If you have ANY questions at all, feel free to ask. :) And if your daughter has any or wants to talk, I'm a good listener. :)