Hi Folks,


I'm new to this community. My husband and I just had our most recent doctor's appointment. I am 28 and was diagnosed with type 1 when I was 11. We tried for a year with no results and found out my husband has "very low" sperm. My doctor this morning suggeted IVF. Money is hard, but we can do it. It's wroth it of course. I'm scared to try it; I'm scared it won't work; I'm scared it will and I'll miscarry because of my diabetes. I'm scared if I carry the baby to term it will have horrible birth defects no matter how in control I am. Furthermore, I'm afraid I won't be able to stay in control. I will work my butt off, I know myself, but what happens if hormones cause your sugar to go into the 200's the way diabetes sometimes does? How do you maintain a normal life and not succumb to total and complete terror and fear over the health of your baby?


Any thoughts?




Hello Anna,

Congratulations on deciding to have a baby! I know that you are worried about every possible thing right know, but that is normal. I am two months right now and everyday I feel better and better about my pregnancy. Do not worry about things happening, think about a beautiful life you are bringing into the world. All of us diabetics I am sure have that natural tendency to over think the worst. If your doctor has already talked to you about it and you care for yourself, do not worry about it. Life happens to us for a reason. You can also adopt and surrogate if you are very worried. But to each their own. I want to adopt after my first personally. That was my only plan until I did get pregnant. But it is a great journey and we women are stronger than most in dealing with what we do on a regular basis. I hope I have helped you.


Hi Anna,

How exciting!  I wish you the best of luck in conceiving a little bundle of joy :)

As far as your concerns about BG control I cannot tell you that it's easy.  I am overly crazy about my BG's anyway, being pregnant makes it a million times worse.  What you have to remember (and I have to remind myself every single day) is that you can only do what you can do.  You can only do your best.  If you are testing and taking care of yourself your chances of having a healthy baby are the same as everyone else's.  Make sure you have a good doctor who will stay on top of your diabetes with you- be prepared for lots of changes to basals and boluses.  Call in your BG's every week without fail to your doc for evaluation- more often if needed.  Carb count your tail off.  And when you have a 225 (it's going to happen) correct and move on.  I have had more than one medical professional tell me that many people with diabetes take BETTER care of themselves than people without diabetes because we are more intuned with our bodies and we all seem to have the attitude of "if something goes wrong, it must be because my BG wasn't perfect that one time".  

Also, remember that no matter how great of control you have, things can still happen.  My A1C is a 4.7% and I still have a big baby with lots of amniotic fluid.  I wear a CGM, I know my bgs are amazing 99% of the time.  Some people are destined to have big kids regardless.  Just like people without diabetes also have children with birth defects, or miscarry, or a number of other things.  Do your best to take care of yourself and your risk will be just like everyone else's.  

A great book to check out is "Balancing Pregnancy with Pre-exsisting Diabetes" - it is like "What to Expect When You're Expecting" for someone with diabetes.  

You can do this.