Jay Cuttler testing "insulin levels"

Anyone else catch the Bears vs. Fish game last night?  In there they were talking about Jay Cuttler and his diabetes like it seems they do everytime one of his games is on TV.  This time they showed him and the sideline reporter said he was on the sidelines checking his "insulin level".  Interesting.

Then the announcer said he had to control his diet, even his pre game meal which includes no carbohydrates, only vegetables and meat etc.  I've been a diabetic a long time and whenever I do physical exersize I have to take control to keep my BS right which includes consuming carbs.  I wonder how this works, or if it is just more BS?

it could very well be misinformation. we all know how abundant that is. 

i'm also curious if it could be something like he carb loads at breakfast, then eats just protein/fat at lunch to hold his levels steady at whatever number they are, then resumes normal eating after the game. 

who knows, i'm just throwing out wild guesses there :o)

I don't know what he eats or doesn't eat, but I know that Jay Cutler keeps to a very stringent diet plan. I am pretty sure he eats the same meals everyday to keep his BS numbers normal. It might be something like C said. Also, whenever I exercise my levels go down, however whenever I play competitive sports my BS would shoot through the roof from all of the adrenaline. About an hour after the game, race, match, ect ends, I drop pretty fast. This was especially troublesome during ski racing. I can imagine that Jay probably has the same reaction to adrenaline so he might wait until halftime and after the game to have a bite of some carbs.

I listened to the game on the radio and heard that he tested his blood sugar each time that he came off the field.  The spokesperson said that he had to avoid drinking Gatorade as that would spike his sugar.

I'm SO with C on this one.  Another sideline reporter filling in the gaps with something they know nothing about.  

Football is one of those crazier sports for good BG control.  Moving at 110% max for short bursts, then short or longer periods of nothing.  I wouldn't be surprised if he is fighting running too high, as opposed to dropping too low.  

Of course this is ALL guessing and conjecture as I have never heard or read anything from Jay about what he does.  



I've heard interviews with other diabetic athletes who say they don't have lows when doing their sport.  They are in such good shape that their muscles work efficiently and don't have a big glycogen (sugar) release and replenish.  Can adreneline raise blood sugar? 

Never been mistaken for a highly trained athlete, but I do know that when I first start a new workout I drop low, but after a few weeks have just a minor blood sugar drop.