JDRF advisory tool kit

I am not sure who in her linked me to getting this down loaded but thank you! Its FULL of important information. The only down side is more than half the links in it to laws and such mostly to the ADA site get whoops we cant find this page type errors. Which is a bummer cause those are the things I need to know lol I am still not getting very far with getting the school nurse to do her job. I contacted my closest to local JDRF chapter to see if they have the info I need to make her do her job and I emailed someone else for the same thing. Still if you have a kid in school and need to do 504's this tool kit is packed full of information. Not only on your rights or childs rights but on how to talk to the staff and what steps to take to get everything your child needs in order. I highly recommend it.



I talked to one of the people from JDRF who makes the toolkits and she said that they're planning on making a bunch of them for different stages/events in life (i.e. teens, adults, pregnancy, complications, etc) and that there is one coming out for adults soon, within the next few weeks. So thats exciting, if theyre anything like the classroom toolkit, I think they'll be really helpful!

Oh yeah that would be great! I know I could use a teen one probably sooner rather than later. Even tho Ri is only 9 she is acting as I did at 13 Oi.

Sounds really helpful..How do you find this info,to read about it ? Is it on the JDRF web site ?

Yes its on the JDRF site. You have to request it and its sent to your email and its a pdf.