Jdrf cc11?

Does anyone know when they will be announcing the winners of the 2011 Children Congress?

Just got word the winners will be announced January 24!

I saw that on the JDRF website..

What is that?

Jealous.  Wish I still young enough to do this...again.


Caitlyn,  Children's Congress is a multi-day event every other summer where JDRF picks a few kids and their families from each state to go to D.C. to campaign for funding for diabetes research.  Mary Tyler Moore and few other celebs are usually along for the ride.  It's pretty awesome.

Ideen and I participated the same year! ... Except we didn't know each other :o) Hard to believe it was almost 10 years ago!

P.S. I've still got the CC'01 poster hanging up on my wall with your mug on it.  Bwaha.

Nice. I have no idea what happened to my poster. It's in a box somewhere. I still have the t-shirt with your name on it! :o)

Nick and I applied once, but we didn't win.  congrats to all who have gone.  Sounds like a cool deal.

Just got my letter today! It says they sent them on the 5th so everyone should be getting them pretty soon!

Yes I got my letter today too, I'll have to try again next time.