JDRF Freedom walk video

Posted this video from our JDRF walk on youtube a few months back.. Just wanted to share it with all of you.. We all had so much fun.. 





WONDERFUL TEAM CHARLEIGH !!!!  Thank you so much !!

I will be doing our first walk in September. Talk about great motivation, your video has me sooo ready to go out and walk! I was still in too much of that "dazed" state to walk last year, since the walk was 2 weeks after Hannah was diagnosed. I am SOOOO looking fowards to doing this walk.

My daughters school, of 470 students did a JDRF school walk this year for her and the other 2 kids who are T1 in her school. I am proud to say we raised OVER 6800.00 and walked almost 1800 miles total (around the school track). The money was raised in 2 weeks time, and the walking time was just about 2 hours. What a great group of kids.

BTW... Loved the song for the video, it is one of my FAVES! Have loved it since I first heard it in 1986!