Jdrf in charlotte on june 26th

anyone planning on attending the meeting on june 26th in charlotte nc? never been and planning on going to this one

I can’t make that. Have you ever attended the TCOYD conference?

no i have never attended anything t1 related… figured i would give it a shot and see how it was, they are also having a tech day on the 25th i am thinking about attending also

I’ll look into it and if things change, might check it out. I’m sure it would be a good thing. I’d be coming from Raleigh.

I will say that the TCOYD (Taking Control Of Your Diabetes) is an excellent one day conference. It’s in Charlotte on Nov. 2. I attended the one in Raleigh last month. I’ve been attending them for years and it’s really rewarding. Lots of information, updates, encouragement, support and fun! You can look online for the schedule My endos and CDE normally speak at the ones in NC. ( from UNC) I’m in no way affiliated with the program. An Endo, who is Type I from CA started it a long time ago. It includes snack and lunch.

looks interesting, odd that they charge to attend? or is that standard practice? dont get me wrong $25 a person isnt a deal breaker, but i feel i pay enough into this disease…

That’s the normal price. I actually thought it was more than that now. Not sure, HOWEVER, if there is any issue with the fee, they do provide reduced cost or free. You just need to call and let them know. I don’t think they turn anyone away due to the admission fee.