JDRF library concept

Okay, I had an idea (a happy surprise whenever it occur) and I was hoping I could get some help from the rest of our diverse group here!

There is a ton of really good research out there.  Not just research that is good to know about because it gives definite tangible hope for changing the way we deal with this disease, like that posted in the technology group, http://juvenation.org/groups/research_technology_rumors/default.aspx.  There is also a lot of information that it would be great to have organized in a library by topic.  For the kids, I think studies on driving, diabetics safety behind the wheel, forms and insurance guidance and that sort of thing.  For those of us who are older, guidance on studies that will help make the case for reduced life insurance costs and health insurance rates, studies to help with appeals for CGMS’s or other treatments and other studies that can help either with employers or other life situations situations.

Anyhow, I was thinking a topic guided library with a variety of forms, studies, guidance and assistance may be the sort of thing that a lot of people may be interested in using.  Also a JDRF executive committee's top 10 list would be interesting to me, I think…

So – that’s what was on the top of my head – anyone else here think this would be worthwhile, see any use for it – have different types of library topics that you would like to see covered?

I am curious to see what everyone’s’ thoughts are!



Yes-yes and please --Thanks A.D.-and nice to see you back !

I think this is a great idea. An easy way to go about this might be to add a wiki to Juvenation and let the community build it (at least in part).

I think it is a great idea too. It would come in handy for a lot of T1D issues/complications/etc. I like the wiki idea a lot.


You're very kind - thanks!  I sure have missed everybody!!!



I only have 2 brain cells so it is always very exciting when i shake my head just right and am able to spark an idea... ;)

Hi A-D,I would like to see links to any place educational.Videos,books,blogs,web sites...I have seen others on here asking from time to time what good books are out there for type 1.

i agree with... everything. a library would be superfantastic. we would have to keep it incredibly organized otherwise someone could spend an hour searching and never find what they're looking for.

it would definitely come in handy whenever i'm ready for a cgm. that will be a couple years because i'm waiting for better technology, but my insurance is going to put up a fight i can already tell you.

Hi AD,Has anything happened with the library concept ? I think it would be so helpful. Sometimes if I try to go back and find info. on here we have all talked about-If the right word is not put in -I may not find it. The library would be great for everyone, especially new members and parents. :)