JDRF Magazine?

Maybe I'm crazy and it was put out by someone else...but I remember when I was little I used to get this diabetic magazine that had news about events, new research, letters and pictures from diabetic kids and adults with T1. I remember they had a penpal program(I think i actually still have the letters my penpal sent me from Oregan!) where kids could right other kids with T1 letters.


does anyone else remember this? i had to have been around 10 or 11 when i did the pen pal thing..

Was it called Diabetes Forecast????  I remember getting that magazine when I was younger.....

hmm i dont think so. i think it was actually geared towards kids to young adults more than all diabetics(T2, T1).

Here's a listing of all of JDRF's publications (I wonder if you're thinking of Countdown for Kids?):


i had d-penpals too! but i used diabetes forecast magazine. when i think about it, i can't believe they actually used to print people's addresses in the magazine. you'd be sued big time trying to do that now!