JDRF Walk Fundraising - Video

It's that time of year when "the Walks" are starting to pop up across the country.  Have you had yours yet?

I'm posting here to share our experience with creating a video.  This is our second attempt and we've had great results...last year our team raised over $3200 and we're over $2000 this year with still a week to go!

Here's our video:


The idea for the video came to me when we were having a BBQ about two months ago.  For some reason we were sitting around talking about what super power we'd like to have - invisibility, telekinesis, flying - and my 6 year old, Andy, said, "If I was a superhero, I'd find a cure for Diabetes."  Andy's older brother, Beemer, was diagnosed over four years ago, but it still brought tears to our eyes.

We started doing videos to help with fundraising last year.  We kept track of the emails we sent out and the ones that we sent out with videos had twice as many people donate, and the donations were over 25% higher!

It takes a bit of work, but it's entirely worth it.  I highly encourage you to put one together.

Here's what we used to make the video:

  • Flip video camera (about $100 at WalMart)
  • Windows Sound Recorder (free with Windows) to record the voice over
  • Adobe Premiere Elements for the editing (free trial available, free with some computers, about $79 otherwise, but you can use Windows Movie Maker, iMovie or the software that comes with your video camera)
  • Handbrake to convert the Flip video to something we could edit in Premiere

The only word of caution is that if you're going to use someone's music make sure you get their permission!  Otherwise, it's illegal, number one, and number two it'll get removed from YouTube.

Making the video was fun...I followed my boys around a fair bit for a couple of weeks and just tried to make sure the pocket camera was handy. That is why I like the Flip so much...it takes two AA batteries and fits in my pocket to go anywhere.

For the voice over, my 6 year old son and I sat down and we talked about Diabetes, how his brother has Diabetes, what he thought about the disease.  I captured his own words and used them to prepare a script.  Then it was as simple as having him repeat the lines after me while I recorded him.  Of course, the last line of the video is all him.

Our music track was graciously recorded by a young woman at our church.  Her husband used the input from his computer to record her playing her keyboard.

Cheers everyone, and best of luck in your fundraising efforts!



I watched the video and I cried a little.  Very good.

The Buffalo, NY JDRF Walk is this Sunday, June 6, 2010.  I will be there

That was the best fund-raising movie I think I've ever seen.  I've been meaning to make one...thanks for the tips!  And good luck with the rest of your fund-raising! 

Thanks guys!  Best of luck with your walks!