JDRF's Hope for the Holidays UPDATES


Hello Juvenation!  Sorry it's been so long since we've given you an update.  But there's a lot going on with this record!
Vendors / Website
Many people have asked, "where should we buy the CD from to help the most?"  
#1 US!!  with our NEW WEBSITE.  It's been a long time coming.  HOLIDAYHOPE.NET  Bookmark it!!!
You can order single, or multiple copies there.  Plus hear samples of the CD, get the credits,  lyrics and special "production stories" about the making of each song!  Short of buying from a JDRF chapter directly in your town, this is the most money to JDRF.  Big love to Reid Walley and Joshua Estes for their hard work on the site.
#2 For physical CD orders Amazon
#3 For downloads iTunes
#4 we are negotiating a charity pricing deal with CDBaby
Also, every local chapter has been given the option of getting the disc at direct pricing so they can sell it and and keep the profits locally.  Check with your local chapter to see if they're carrying it.
Artist Links
Well, we're in crunch time and trying to get this CD to as many people as possible.  Many of our artists have made mention of the CD on their websites.  We thank them SO MUCH for the love.  Here are a few.  Visit all of our artists websites for more
European Release
The release of "JDRF'S Hope For The Holidays" is THIS MONDAY Dec. 14th.  We don't have exact stores where the CD will be carried in Europe so our label over there advised us to steer your to their "Voiceprint" web site for ordering the disc.  Sorry about the late release.  But it's worth it.  Big love to Rob Ayling and everyone at Voiceprint for the European Push!


also its on their home page


Thanks for all of the support!

Tom Gordon
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