Jersey: We Pump Our Insulin, Not Our Gas

Hey All,

I am very much interested in getting some "local" T1 friends as a support system.  Is anyone interested in trying to have a get together to share our experiences and foster a local T1 community?

I personally live in Monmouth County, but am up in Essex probably 1-2  weekend(s) a month.

If you are in the tri-state area, or just feel like coming to visit the beautiful Garden State feel free to come by if we do set something up. :)

Stay well everyone!  

The title to this made me laugh and think about the first time i drove into Jersey


thanks for the laugh


Hey, i am in NJ.  Not close to you but, curious to know who else is around here!!  I sometimes look for groups or someone, and i can't find anyone!!  I am in Somerset County.  Moved here about 3 years ago from NY, and i like not having to pump my own gas!!  LOL

Actually we're not that far from each other depending on where you are in Somerset.

I am in South Orange, NJ right now. I do know that some local hospitals have support groups. St. Clare's in Dover has both a diabetes support group and a Insulin pump support group as well.