'JMIAH' Spokes Model for 'Track3' featured in New Issue of 'Men's Workout Magazine'

Jeremy Williamson, aka 'JMIAH' who is the Spokes Model for the 'Track3' Diabetes Device was featured in the NEW Nov '09 Issue of  'Men's Workout Magazine' !   Jeremy is celebrating his '20th Anniversary' of living with Type1 Diabetes and has been published in several magazines ,  as well as TV Commercials, Fitness Model articles, and Diabetes sites.  He has quite an inspirational 'story' to share with others who are living with  Diabetes! JMIAH is also a member of 'Juvenation' and other Diabetes sites!   Go to:  www.track3DMD.com  or  JMIAH.com  to learn more about the 'Track3' Device and Jeremy!