Jmiah teams up with JDRF as 2010 Walk For Cure spokesmodel!

I am excited to announce that I have officially teamed up with the JDRF to walk for a cure... I’m tellin you... 2010 is the year to WIN and we wont stop until that goal is achieved. Well after we obtain the cure, the next mission will be to spread it to the WORLD WHO NEEDS IT!!! OMG anytime i begin talkin about my work with diabetes activism and awareness, i get passionate... for some reason this stuff is BIG in my heart!!

If you dont mind, please take a minute to read this press release from the JDRF...


"2nd Place Winner of MODEL UNIVERSE 07 and 08"
"3rd Place Winner of MODEL AMERICA 07"
Type 1 Diabetic for 21 years

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Awesome you are getting involved in JDRF's Walk program.  

Their tagline is "Walk to Cure Diabetes".    Others can check out the event here:  

They have a cool Kids Walk program too - I did it at my daughters' school a year ago - those kids raised over $5000 for JDRF and the school got over $500 back with no strings attached.   You can see the details here:    Teachers get educational materials to incorporate into classroom (nutrition, etc.) and the kids can earn prizes.  

Thats great that you are getting so involved.  I am in my first year of gettng really involved. Like your blog, very good stuff.


Katie,  thanks for the information.  I am going to try to get my daughters school involved in this.