Do the kid at your school ever make jokes abou tyou having diabetes? Well the kid at my school do and it kinda make me mad because they dont have to live with it. Also they really have no idea what it is and i have tried to tell them what it is and how i live with it. What do i do about the jokes?

Jokes are another complication of Diabetes! If you get mad, kids tend to do it more. My advice is- join in! When you make Diabetes seem like less of an ordeal people leave you alone. And if you calmly and seriously say “Please stop with the Diabetes jokes”, most people will stop. My friends and I used to say I was “shootin’ up” and stuff like that. Just be careful bc that can turn into rumors that you actually do drugs. Joke with your friends, but ask others to stop. Jokes helped me feel normal again around my friends. I’m here to talk any time!

I agree with Alyssa. Although i don't really joke around about diabetes. But she is right about asking them to stop and they do. Whenever my friends do, i just ask them to stop. Most people don't joke though because they know what it is and how serious it is.

the kids are just being rude. they dont have to do what we do every day for the rest of our lives. but just tell them: making fun of me doesnt make you go anywhere. its just hurting yourself because im stronger that u. we are stronger cuz we can take the pain of having to give multipe shots a day. but they cant :)

I get clowned every day about several reasons including diabetes. Its better to go and find someone who wont clown you. If thats out of the question then find something that you like to do alone that doesnt make u upset. Try it, i promise youl like it.

My name is Hailey. I have been living with diabetes for almost about thirteen years. If anyone says something about diabetes as a joke, you can honestly tell them off. As a teen myself, I know what it feels like. I use to be made fun about it but now I rise above and i know all the other diabetics can too.