Joslin Medal Awards

After 64 yrs of T1 received 50th Yr Lilly Life Journey Medallion. I decided to apply for Joslin Medal Award. Came to section on complications. Does anyone know if having complications is disqualifying factor?

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Hi Henry @Hen51, I’ve been a Joslin Medalist for several years. In 1966, I was diagnosed with retinopathy and became one of the original testers OF LASER therapy. As part of my “proof” of 50 years duration, I opened my Joslin file. No problem being admitted to the group.

When Dr Joslin originally awarding recognition certificates - 10 years living with diabetes, complication free was a requirement.

@Hen51 hey nice work and congratulations on the length of time you’ve been successful in treating type 1

@Dennis and @Hen51. I hope that there is no “complication free” nonsense in these awards. I hope with all my heart that simply longevity and survival inf dealing with type 1is enough for some recognition, because it certainly is enough. Keep charging!

Thanks. I remembered the no complications clause from years ago. I sent email to the proper people but remember it can take up to 2 weeks to receive reply. Guess I’ll go ahead with the aplicarion.

Come to think of it I never even applied for my award! A doctor told me I should, and have me a package to fill out, but I was diagnosed in 1963, my early childhood pediatrician is no longer here, the one I saw through high school is long retired and God only knows where this medical records are kept. I’m reaching out to Medic Alert - I’ve had an ID with them since I was a young child and an hoping I can use my membership history for validation of at least site of those years!

You should. There are a few different ways to document your date of diagnosis. I think Medic Alert could be a usable reference.

Thank you @Hen51. I sent them an email this morning and just got a reply! I didn’t get started right away but it’s close.

@Joe, you can rest assured that “complications” will not keep you from joining the Joslin Medalist Group - only requirement is 50 years living with diabetes - now the variety called “TypeOne”. I communicate with other Medalists through a closed Facebook site and we share how we have overcome many ailments - I debate weather caused by diabetes or just stuff I would have experienced just by living for so many years.

Dorie @wadawabbit and Henry @Hen51 , secondary confirmation that you had diabetes since you were three years old can be provided by a sibling or other family member or family friend, etc. I don’t believe that the researchers are still doing extensive evaluation of “bodies” of people who have lived for so many years with diabetes to see what has happened, and more importantly what helped us to survive; but many of the studies have been published.
For whatever reason, it is a good group to join - I learn from other members, some who also post on this site. After I passed 50 years, I didn’t bother joining until a friend I met on this site - long before this site was absorbed by JDRF, suggested that I put in an application.

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Re: Certain Ailments - I have gone through same debate. There are certain diseases that have occurred across generations in my family. I might expect to have some of them as I age. I have come out considering the ages at which conditions declared themselves in older relatives & the combination of aging with long term T1 in myself.

I have heard of this medal, but never took the time to apply (type 1 for 60 years), but as I read about it, it does sound like this group is one I would fit in. Sounds like it provides support and education through first-hand experience. I think I will look into it. Thanks!

Google Joslin and you’ll find forms you can download - short and sweet - and they give options for documenting your diagnosis date (year) in the event your original physician is no longer available :wink:.

Rita @Ritabw , there is considerable information published concerning the findings discovered by studying long-term survivors of diabetes. And also of the discoveries in diabetes management contributed to by many of The Medalists.

The Joslin Medalist Group is more than just another “social media” gathering place, although it also does serve that purpose.

Can I apply.? 48 years no complications. Where to I find the website?

I am a member of a Joslin Medalists group. Many members of the group have complications, and they receive their medals with no problems. I received my 50 year medal and I had neuropathy in my feet and legs at that time.

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I Googled Joslin Medal and found the form to download and print here: is the website for the organization.

No Pam @Pamshults, you will need to wait two more years.
The 50 year requirement stands - with or without complications. Over the years, the “minimum duration” has changed from initially, 10 Years, then 25 Years, and now 50 Years.

@Dennis there is a certificate for 25 years as well as a medal for 50. The first attachment on the link says the only physical qualification is meeting the specified number of years.

Thank you very much Dennis

You may apply for the 25 year award now. Joslin has a 25th, 50th, 75th & 80th year award. As Dennis said 2 more years for the 50 year award. I been T1 for 64 years & am applying for 50 year award. 11 more years to the 75th year award.

The Lilly Foundation has The Lifetime Journey Award for living with diabetes 25, 50 or 75 years. I received the 50th yr award earlier in 2020.

Adequate proof of the number of years is required. Two or three relatives or friends who recall your diabetes in the year of diagnosis can write letters telling what they remember about your diabetes in the year you were diagnosed. I will complete 75 years of type 1 in Sept., this year, but I do not have any living relatives or friends who were alive in 1945, the year I was diagnosed. I was able to receive the 50 year medal because I did not apply until 2009. That was 14 years after I was eligible. My sister and a cousin, both younger than me, were able to recall my diabetes 50 years prior to my application date, but they could not recall my diabetes in the year 1945.
I may not receive the 75 year medal. I do not have the required proof.

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