Joslin Medal discussion

My mom made it to 94 and a great aunt on my dad’s side lived to 111. My dad passed at 84 but I’m sure he would have had several additional years if he had not developed a lung condition. It’s not unheard of - you never know!

@wadawabbit Similar to your mom, my dad made it to 96 with most of his abilities intact. Mom suffered a stroke that took out her right side in her 80’s but survived 6 years with Alzheimer’s/dementia taking hold the last 2-3. I think I’ve taken after Mom for most things, hoping for taking after Dad for older age, we’ll see…as you say, we never know what tomorrow holds…

I received mine a bit late. I was diagnosed in 1969, and lived in the UK at the time I would have qualified for the 25-year medal. I knew about the medal, but only remembered it being for 50 years. I remembered about it when I’d had diabetes 52 years, and looked into applying. I have absolutely no records from 1969. I was diagnosed at the health center where I was attending college. But my sisters remembered, and I met my husband 8 months later, and he contributed his recollection of my history of diabetes. They sent attestations. I knew the name of my family doctor at the time, but since I was at college with some sort of health plan there, my family doctor (who would be long deceased) would not have known. Aside from the university health center, all my records were in England, where I moved 8 months later. And getting records from the health service is hard. I had had to request it when we moved back to the United States, and it was quite a hassle.

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Congratulations @ksannie - you worked through the chore of gathering sufficient information. Wear your Medal with distinction.

I’m not surprised that you don’t remember the 25 year medal. The first longevity given by Dr. Elliott Joslin was a 10-year Certificate presented in 1947; upgraded to a 25-year Certificate in the 1950s. Yes, surviving 10 or 25 years was a big deal in that era.

Think you may mean age 7, cause if you got your 50 yr medal at age 70 you’d be 120 yrs old! Am personally at 54 yrs myself. Am lucky to still be here!