Joslin Medalist Celebration

Hi Everyone, I just signed up to attend the Joslin medalist celebration. My 50 year anniversary as a T1D is 1/2/23. The event is being held on April 22, 2023 at the Westin Copley Place in Boston. There are rooms available at reduced rates (much less expensive than the standard rates) if you call to book and tell them you’re attending the Joslin program. Here’s the link:

Question: Is anybody else who is due to receive their medal planning to attend in person ?



I need another 6 years so I won’t be there but congratulations!

@Jophilly Hi Joanne, thanks for posting the link - I’m debating if I might attend this year.
I’m not due for another [75th] medal this year, a few more years to go.

I was a little late to the game. Sent my documentation to Joslin and received by 50 year medal in the mail just recently. I am actually T1D since the age of 5. I am currently 68 yo. Medal hangs right next to my NYC Marathon medal.
Was considering attending the event even though I have my medal. Interested in meeting other long time T1D. Do other “lifer” T1D attend for that reason as well?

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Plan on attending even though I received my medal in the mail just recently. Currently I am TID x 63 years. Interested in meeting others like me who have been doing this forever.

Keep in mind, Richard @frankeldpm, that the Joslin Medalist Program is significantly more than an organization that provides fancy medals.
The Joslin Medalist Program is fundamentally a research medical endeavor designed to find out why some people diagnosed with diabetes in the 1940s and 1950s lived more than 10 years - including some who lived very healthy lives. The results of these studies are published [check Joslin web] and are used throughout the world for further research and physician education. Recall that the Joslin Clinic, founded by Elliott Joslin in 1898, has been dedicated entirely to diabetes care, research and education.

That’s exactly the reason I plan to attend, to meet others who’ve been battling T1D for most of their lives. These forums are very helpful but they’re not the same as a personal meeting/connection, which is what I hope to gain by attending. The only diabetics I know personally are Type 2s.

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Hi Dennis_
Yes. Aware of research and have reached out to Joslin regarding participation if active research continues for our subset of individuals with T1D for > 50 years.
On the personal side, I have had a long career as a podiatrist. I work and treat many diabetic patients both T1 and T2. I meet and treat many patients with significant diabetic foot complications. Often these compromised individuals are also people who don’t grasp the importance of good overall diabetes management.
I do find my personal experience of living and thriving despite T1D, can be both inspirational and instructional for many of my patients. Some get it and some do not.
My cardiologist I believe put it best…“Richard, I have no idea how you do as well as you do. I think when God was assigning DM he f----d up and gave it to you accidentally. He then had to protect you.”
I asked him if this was his professional (medical) opinion to which he answered YES.
I feel, as many of you do, that I am part of an elite club and I do feel a kinship with others who have gone through what I have for the majority of my life. I look forward to meeting others.

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In that case, look forward to meeting you👍

Hi Everybody- Reaching out one more time to connect with anyone planning to attend the upcoming Joslin medalist celebration. Please reply if you’re planning to attend ! Thanks, Joanne

Are people on this site going?
Have not been able to speak to anyone at Joslin.
Is it worthwhile?

Hi Richard, I’m hoping a few people on this site will be attending, but there hasn’t been much response. My husband Paul & I will be there. The Westin Copley Place hotel where it’s being held looks fantastic and is in a great location in Boston. They’re offering a deeply discounted rate on rooms if you book by phone and tell them you’re with the Joslin group (I believe it’s $ 289/night versus $500+/night without discount- it’s a VERY high-end hotel).
We’re making a mini-vacation out of it & staying several nights, as we haven’t travelled at all since Covid hit. I hope you’ll decide to go (and others here will too) as it would be great to get to know (in person) other long-time T1Ds. Here’s the link again for more info, FAQs, etc. Medalist Celebration | Joslin Diabetes Center.


Hi Joanne-
I did RSVP for my wife and myself,

I still have not heard back from Joslin despite calling repeatedly to try and get information.
I will let you know if we plan on going, A mini-vacation sounds nice!

Best to communicate by using my email:
Mobile: 917-653-8040



Richard- I will send you an email on this topic.

Hi Joanne,

I keep saying that I am going to get my Joslin Medal, but I have yet to send the paperwork in to them! I figure I will attend once I get my 50 year medal.Are you in the Philly area? If so, I plan to be up there this summer. Perhaps we can meet then!

Pam K.
T1D 58 1/2 years and counting!