Juicy juice

ok so does anyone else feel stupid when people stare at u when u drink a juice made for toddlers?

the way i look at those people who stare or whatever is that they probably envy getting to have juise right in the middle of class or whatever.  But if you are not comfortable with that then i suggest bringing something like a mini sized pack of skittles becausem those are pretty good. And each skittle is about 1 carb and the little fun sized packs carry about fifteen of them so those are perfect

what! i love the juicy juice! lol. people usually just think its kinda funny and i can laugh along with them cuz it is funny, so I don't really mind it. Then people usually ask why I'm drinking it so  I get the chance to explain and everythings ok after that.  I can picture myself in 10 years sitting in a desk at some corporate office drinking my juicy juice haha. It helps me embrace the kid in me :)

My favorite flavors are orange and berry. I like fruit punch too. Got any favorites??

I don't feel stuoid I just stare back. I just think that they would love to have some juicy juice. They want to bring out their inner toddler in them. I love drinking juice infront of people they always look at me crazy and I always say "What? Do you want some?" They usually look away then. lol. I just love seeing the looks on their faces!

I like the orange and grape too. The punch is pretty good too. :) My friends will usually laugh when I drink it.

I like the apple and grape kinds the best. I've never noticed because I'm more intent on not dropping what I'm carrying or finding a place to throw out the empty juice box. I would imagine I get some pretty strange looks. But at school I usually have a variety of fruit snacks that I eat before/after gym and when I feel low. Smarties are also good, 3 little rolls has 15g carbs.

I like orange the best.

Stare back