Jury Duty

Has anyone had experience with serving on Jury Duty?  What type of considerations have you seen the courts give in reference to snacks, or is it too much of a distraction?

The only time I was called, I wasn't in the area, so I got out of it. I would confirm that you could have snacks with you. You'd get a lunch break, so it seems like it wouldn't be too much trouble. Do you have a CGM and/or pump? Then, you could probably monitor at your seat, but I'd imagine they have to let jurors use the bathroom! (:

I was called once and got as far as the voir dire process.  I had a couple of issues, one of which pertained to this question:

Is there anyone who suffers from any condition or situation that would make it difficult to give the parties your full attention and fair consideration if you were selected as a juror?

At the beginning of the process, they made it clear to the jurors that you were not allowed to have any food or drink in the courtroom during the proceedings.  I wasn't clear if I would be able to check my blood sugar during proceedings.  When I answered in the affirmative to the question above, I was called to the bench and asked to explain my reasons.  Basically, I explained to the judge that I needed to monitor my blood sugar and that if I my blood sugar was low, I needed access to juice, candy etc.  I wasn't asked to serve on the jury, but I don't know if it was because of my diabetes, the other issue or both.

So it turns out that the court actually supplies snacks.  Cereal bars, peanut butter crackers, bottles of water, etc.  However, the point was moot as the trial I was scheduled to be considered for was cancelled.  It is good to know that one can eat in the jury box though.  I will keep that in mind if I'm every chosen for a trial where food is the topic being debated.  :)

I was called in a few months ago, and never even thought of this! haha i was going to try and get out of it anyways..turned out the trial was canceled (and that my brother was a witness! it was for a car accident that took place last year..so i could've gotten outta it anyways! haha)


definitely something to ask when called to jury duty!

I served on a jury as the jury foreman and we fried the son of a $*#&#(  Actually it was a DWI and he was found guilty.  But anyway ...

I'd do it again if called.  I'd just test at each break and snack/dose accordingly.  If I do this, the odds are extremely low that I'd go into DKA or suffer severe low blood sugar and fall out of the jury box. 

I wouldn't bring it up.  Just do it.

I've done Jury duty.  I suggest you let the bailiff know you are diabetic and you may have to eat glucose tablets or whatever periodically.  They most likely will the the judge know and most likely there shouldn't be any problems.  That has been my experience.  And trials seem to take lots of breaks.  Justice moves pretty slowly!  My term started at 9 am, they would take a 15 minute break about 10 am and then break for lunch at 11:30.  Back at 1 and same thing.  Lots of breaks!