Just a vent: Byram

I had been getting Libre 14 day sensors through Apria, and that was great. Byram picked up the sensor business, and for 4 months now they have not been able to get them to me on time.

Last month I went 2 days without a sensor, this month will be worse. I have 2 hours left on my sensor, and Byram has not even mailed them yet.


Yikes! I think they are available through local pharmacies - you might see if your doctor can send an order at least to tide you over.

Hi Beth! @Beth123

I buy my Libre 14 day sensors through Walmart Pharmacy. They text me when I need a refill and I just text back “yes”. They then fill my prescription and text me again when it is ready. I have been very happy with them!

Complain to your State board of Health and Insurance.

I get my Dexcom sensors from Byram. I get my monthly supply of 3 sensors, and I place my order before I start the last sensor. That is necessary for me to get my new supply in time.

Hi again. Can you switch suppliers? A few options to get started:

If you do a search for Suppliers on the forum you’ll find a few discussions commenting on various ones. Experiences vary, and although they deal with other equipment you’ll find some names you can check out.
Ask your insurance which ones they work with.
Ask your rep. Since they process the insurances they’re familiar with who covers the devices - and sometimes I’ve found them a better resource on the question than my insurance customer service!

I’m sorry you’ve had that experience. It should definitely be possible for you to get your supplies on time, and considering how much of your health depends on that, it should be a high priority. I hope you can find a supplier who can (literally and figuratively) deliver.

FWIW, I get my Dexcom from Byram. I have it on automatic shipments. I don’t have to do anything. I get a box of 90 days worth of sensors and a transmitter every 3 months, at least a week before I need it. So Byram is definitely capable of doing the job.

I also just got notice that Byram bought out my CPAP supplier, Apria Healthcare, who have similarly been automatically shipping me those supplies with time to spare. But it may take time for Byram to absorb Apria, and I don’t know if they’re planning to integrate or replace their systems.

This is just an echo in the echo chamber, I know, but I was getting my FSL sensors through my local pharmacy.

But Freestyle practically gives them away, if you ever notice the least problem with a sensor. You have to be willing to be on the phone with them while they collect all the required details of what happened, even if your answers are “I don’t know”, and you may need to send in the old sensor, but that’s pretty much taken care of too (they send you all the packaging, etc). Tip: toward the 13th and 14th days, be especially diligent of testing against a strip. I almost always had something to complain about, although I only called in for new sensors when it was really wonky already on something like day 6. Still, by then you’ve gotten almost a week out of the wonky one, so when you get the new 14-day sensor you’ve practically gotten a bonus week’s worth. If you have to regularly call Byram (with whom I have unrelated complaints) for the Rx, make sure you keep up with the old schedule so that you never run out because you do have the extra week’s worth, maybe 2-weeks-worth by the time you replace 2 sensors. Just sayin’.

I grew up in a heavily Depression-Era-influenced household. We don’t go in much for “just in time” supplying!

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Thank you to everyone who replied. I finally did a 3 way call with Medicafe and Byram, but the next supplies were late. I only went 12 hours without a sensor, but still… This time I asked right away for a manager, and told her I had already complained to Medicare. That got her attention. 4 days later I recieved 6, which they say is a 90 day supply. No, it’s not. It takes 6 1/2 sensors to go 90 days. We’ll see.

Medicare set me up with Byram, it wouldn’t be easy to go to Walmart. My local pharmacy does not have a contract with Medicare for Libre.

My brother has similar issues occasionally when getting his sensors in the mail. There has been a few times where his supplies order gets shipped out but gets stuck somewhere in shipment or gets delayed for some reason. Usually my mom has to contact the company to get things fixed and there have been a few times that she has had to order some supplies outright because the mail order hasn’t arrived. My mom has found that contacting who your supplier is seems to work most times to get things fixed. Hope the issues you are having with getting your sensors gets fixed for you and gets better.

I’ve been using Aptiva Medical for my Dexcom supplies for 5 months now and have had no issues with them. They were very helpful in my initial account set-up and the best part is they send you a 90-day supply via mail order instead of the 30-day supply I was receiving. I was originally with Byram and CCS medical and was having all different types of issues and delays with my orders. So, I talked to my doctor regarding the issues, and he recommended Aptiva Medical, so I gave them a shot. So far so good no issues and no complaints.

I haven’t had the best experience with Byram and my Tandem Pump supplies. However in the past year I have seen a big improvement. Been with them for almost 4 years. Maybe it takes some time to smooth out the delivery bumps. I used to have to call their customer service a remind them that I needed my three month order.