Just Ain't Funny

D-Mom posted about this today on her blog.  .


I didn't find this funny in the least, being mom to a T1 kid, and e-mailed them to tell them so.  If you're as offended as I am by this, please e-mail them at editorial@theonion.com.  And spread the word.




I was talking with someone about this on Twitter. I thought the article was hilarious. It's not poking fun of diabetics, nor did it say the children died from diabetes complications. It basically said Jay Cutler bored them to death and they were surprised the kids made it through the entire speech. 

Personally, I laughed. 

I think we should also take into account that this is an Onion article, which is not to be taken seriously. The fact the children had diabetes really has no bearing on the article at all.

I thought this was kinda funny n humerous. It's nothing against kids with diabetes. but i have a huge sence of humor..

Being a parent of a type 1, I didn't like the article. Nothing to do with the diabetes aspect though, I just thought it was poorly written and didn't make sense in some respects. 

That sure isn't funny.  It is way out of line to be saying such things of children dying after listening to Jay Cutler speak.  That mom  needs help.

I didn't find it funny nor offensive... it's The Onion. And I'm even a Wisconsin native! 



I have had much more offensive things said to me than that article. I don't know anything about Jay Cutler. Maybe he is the world's most boring speaker. I hope he takes it in stride.

It's not like it was the diabetes that killed them, it was Cutler himself, and he's been killing the entire hopes of the Chicago Bears for a year and a half now.  I say get over yourself and laugh a bit!!  :)

If you are not familiar with the Onion then you will not understand this article at all! It is a completely satirical (sp?) newspaper. While I don't care for this particular article (since I don't like to think about my little T1 dieing), I'm not offended or surprised that it was in the Onion. Sometimes the Onion is hilarious, sometimes the jokes/articles flop - just like any comedian might have happen. 

I've love The Onion, but as a Christian know  there are just some articles I need to skip.  Think I'd just let the diabetes article go and if you see something else with "diabetes" in the title, skip it. 

As a snarkist and reader of the Onion and Fark, I would have to say get over it. They live on satire and finding humor in  terrible situations and events.

Plus that's not even targeting the diabetic kids. That's pretty light in terms of snark. They're making fun of Cutler, who deserves it.