Just Be Happy!

Hey Guys:)

We all have a choice of how we want to live our lives.  We can choose who we surround ourselves with, what mood we want to be in, what food we want to eat, how much water we drink, etc.  When I hear about people who have diabetes, it makes me sad to hear them say "i hate diabetes' "I would do anything to get rid of it".  But in reality there is a reason that all of us have this condition, it was ment to be.  I could not of said "I do not want that condition!"  and live happily ever after.   So my point is lets all together welcome our condition(s) with open arms and a open mind to help us manage a well as we can! It is possible to have an A1C in the 5% range!

Just my thoughts,

xoxo Jess

Jess, i love the post!

Just the other day a friend asked me "So do you think they will cure Type 1 while you're alive?" After about 5 minutes i had given 10 reasons why i thought it wouldn't be. After giving my answer, i had a profound realization... I don't want it to be cured for me personally. I then looked at him and asked "I guess my opinion is this; if they came out with a hand surgery to give you 6 fingers instead of 5, would you do it?" he said no. I said "Well why not? Technically 6 fingers would be an improvement over 5." He again said no but then said "I was born with 5 fingers, why would i ever want 6???"

^This is how i feel about Type 1. Sure my disease cripples me on days and runs my life every other. But Type 1 is who i am and if it was cured, i would feel stripped of my personality and soul. So i agree with your post, without Type 1, we would never be the person we were intended to be.

PS- To quote Nick Jonas: "I remember being diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes and thinking 'Why me?' I then thought 'Why NOT me?'" <I love that quote!