Just beautiful

My almost 12 year old high functioning autistic son just asked his father to look up science colleges so he can find the cure for diabetes for his sister.

I hope with all my heart he one day is capable of this goal. I will encourage it even if his reading level is just at a 4th grade level. He is smart just not so good with words and is heart is one of the biggest I know. Mind you he also as well as his twin brother also have seizures but he is going to find the cure for her before he finds a cure for them.

It just brought me to tears so I thought I would share it with you all.

aw. you have sweet kids :o)

Kids are soooo amazing!  Especially yours!  He may just be the first to do it! 

Even tho I hope for others its found before he is old enough to do so I cant but help want this for him. I know whatever he ends up doing he will be great at it. Honestly I see him being the next Chris Farley lol he is a performer all the way.

That is so sweet.  What an awesome kid.

lol well he thinks he can cure boys diabetes first because boys blood is easier to understand for him cause that is what he has. He also thinks he can take the blood out take the diabetes out of it and put the blood back in. He doesnt get what a pancreas is but its still sweet.

that is so kool! my sister is autistic. but she's more on the less functioning side of that spectrum. she's  younger than me and i wanted to find a cure for her when i was younger too lol. (what's funny is that my even younger brother openly used to think that he is such a spaz because there was some autism left after my sister was born and it was left in him! LOL) my sister's also 12. she doesn't really look for any cures for any diseases but i know she's smart and sensitive (but very mischievous as evidenced of most of her actions) but doesn't know how to show it. it's been hard for my mom with my diabetes and her autism but when she laughs it makes it all worthwhile. (except when were trying to sleep! LOL!)

Sofia, I understand perfectly what you mean about your sister. The school my boys go to has a autism program and there is a lesser function boy there he is 11 and he sounds much like your sister. I love talking to him. He isnt very verbal at all but his eyes tell you when he is up to no good. He is such a character you cant help but to love him. He is very smart to he just cant help that language is his second language. He is going to Jr high next year and I am going to miss seeing him.