Just curious

I know this is not diabetes related...but I can't help it, I'm curious...

Which do you think is worse? Spiders or snakes? Or do you actually like both?

Personally, I hate spiders most of all. They are very creepy, and worst of all, sneaky. They seem to pop out of nowhere. One time, I was in the bathroom and was about to grab some toilet paper when I suddenly noticed this huge black spider crawling all over the roll. And then another time, I was sitting down reading a book, when I felt an itchy tickly feeling on my knee. So I scratched it really hard. And then a moment later, I looked on the ground and there was this gigantic spider laying there! You know what that means! It means I was probably digging my nails into the body of a spider! Bleeehhhck! Needless to say, I screamed really loudly.

Some of you might argue that snakes are worse because they are more harmful than spiders. Well that's exactly why you should only play with harmless ones, dummy! xD jk jk. Srsly tho, I LOVE garter and gopher snakes for example. They are small, perfectly harmless, and even friendly. Just like the fact that some spiders are harmless while others are deadly.

Either way, I would never want to hurt a snake OR a spider unless I was in danger. No matter how small, a creature is a creature that just wants to survive and live in peace like the rest of us. I leave any snakes outside alone, and try to catch spiders inside my house in a cup and take them outside. ^^ Of course, I do know that that is harder if you live in the country and have spiders and snakes all over the place.

Sorry I know this is a long post. xD I'm done for now. xD

I think spiders are really scary and I think that snakes are really cute! Lol. I don't know why, I just think they are so adorable.

lol, I'm the same way! They're cute when they stick their little tongues out. :P Just as long as I don't get bitten. xD

spiders are horrible. snakes are cool. scorpions are awesome.

well, i wouldnt like a spider on me, but i like to look at them. snakes are cute! but im still kindof afraid of them. i pet a boa constricter before. it was wicked!! =) so...yeah

lol i love snakes especially colourful ones--- i kno i kno im weird but like u said i can't help it....spiders are ok..... OK i dont love them the totally creep me out the ones with long legs and big butts(lol) EWWWW!! who has seen "8 Legged Freaks" or "Arachnophobia"

never noticed but i HATE spiders but iv see each of those movies more than three times..... i kno WEIRD!!