Just diagnosed celiac


I’m new to this social group.

I’ve been diabetic for about 10 years and I was diagnosed with celiac a couple of weeks ago.

Wondered if anyone has any general advice?

I’m from the UK by the way

Hello Amberzak,

I hope you have been able to get some guidance for your new gluten-free diet. I would search locally for Celiac Support Groups. They could give you great start-up advice. There’s a Celiac Group in my city (in the U.S.) and they have a wealth of knowledge! They know the best places to dine out in town, where to find gluten free baked goods on sale and so forth. They also have a Facebook group which keeps me up to date on new products, products to avoid, etc. Celiac organization info from the US refers to US laws about labeling so looking at a UK Celiac organization web site would be more helpful to you. Good luck!