Just Diagnosed, First Year of High School!

I was just diagnosed a little over a week ago and i am going into the 9th grade this year. It is  my first year of high school and i am really nervous about dealing with my diabetes and going to school. Does any one have any good advice or pointers for me?

I always keep my supplies In the nurses office and go in there to check so you can do that. You'll eventually get a system going for you. Dont be nervous it's easier then you think. I always have a spare meter I keep in my book bag too

I got diagnosed my first year of highschool, this past march. My doctor says I have to keep my medicine with me at all times. So, before lunch, they let me go to the bathroom to check my blood sugar and take a shot, and then I go to eat lunch! I also keep snacks in The Guidance Office.:) I hope this is a great year for you, and you get used to it!



Yeah I met with the school nurse and I keep my extra supplies snacks an meter there tomorrow is the first day and I am so nervous. Do you guys carry stacks in your backpack. Have you ever had to eat a snack in class?

I carry snacks in my backpack and yeah I've had to eat in class before but my teachers dont care they understand.

oh okay thanks :)

anytime! If you have any other questions feel free to ask me :)

I think the most important thing is to tell all your teachers that you are diabetic; it can feel kind of awkward talking about it with them, particularly if you've never met them before, but it can actually be really helpful. I didn't tell any of my teachers for a very long time, but when I did, my geography teacher told me that she had numerous family members who also have it, and she helped me to connect with other people.    I would also suggest working out a plan with your teachers for what to do when you go hypoglycemic. ( I had all my teachers keep a juice box and a granola bar in their desks) I would also say keep your supplies with you at all times, but your school may have specific rules about this.    If you are the first diabetic student at your school you may have to educate the administration on exactly what your needs are for maintaining optimum health at school...


princessmiko's advice is right on.  Usually on the first day of school I'd tell my teachers that I'm a type 1 diabetic and don't expect to have any problems, but may need to eat in class to treat a low blood sugar.  Most teachers are extremely accomodating and cool.  

Always keep glucose tablets in your backback, your gym locker, and anywhere else you can leave them.  It's okay to treat lows with snacks or candy, but sometimes your friends might want some of your snack or you might get hungry and eat it.  Glucose tablets are something you'd only choose to eat if you're low.

Hope everything goes well for you.  9th grade is a big change and so is your diabetes diagnosis.  Try not to stress too much.  Everything will work out okay.  

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Consider setting up a meeting with the school nurse and all of your teachers a week or so before school starts. Schools do this all the time with special needs and it’s a good way to make sure everyone’a on the same page. That way you can work out the details before school starts and on the first day you are good to go. Remember there are many, mant students with health issues - you are not alone!

My son was diagnosed 3weeks ago and is 15 and someone reached out with some great ideas for snacks! Peanut butter to go! Great protein and carb. We got ours on Amazon. Honey sticks or packs because honey is the fastest absorbed sugar and they are right! It’s faster than glucose tabs for us. Nature Valley Protein bars work great, 10g carbs and protein. Individual beef jerky servings from Costco. Pack a sandwich and keep it with you just in case. Starbursts are 4g carbs per square and skittles are 1g per skittle. We now keep a few in his bag so he can feel like his friends and not look “weird” pulling out glucose tabs if he is low. My son is dropping quickly, hence the snacks.

Just be confident, I am in the 8th grade but type one can be hard at time and sometime I forget I have it. :joy: you are more than welcome to reach out to me if you need to talk