Just drop already!

ughhh! i just tested my blood sugar and its 4.3. i feel low but my blood sugar isnt low yet so i dont want to treat it. it was 4.6 after swimming lessons. just drop so i can treat it already!

treat it now and you'll be fine :)

ughhh! 4.1! im off to eat lunch now. i feel very low though

Swimming = severe hypo for me. Everytime! I bet you were going to be low...

Swimming drops me as well. Make sure you always have something before you go in the water. That usually works for me to keep me up during a swim

usualy my blood sugar doesnt drop that much while i swim. since i swim at 9am, i eat breakfast an hour before.

i know! it was the change in my basal rate! i got more basal rate yesterday!

well im confused... your blood sugar is 4.3? my numbers are such as 94 or 100, is it a diffrent kind of meter?

Courtenay is in Canada, and they, like most of the rest of the world, use a different unit of measurement for BG. Use a factor of 18 to convert.

O thanks, I get it