Just for fun..Do you remember?

Just for fun, I was wondering if anyone remembers "Frookie Cookies" ??? There was a monster on the front of the box if I remember correctly. When I was younger, I always asked for my mom to buy me the mint chocolate chip ones. I wish they still made them today.

They were cookies that were sugar free and recommended for diabetics way back when, lol. For those of you who may not be familiar with this product.

Are there any other "old school" diabetic products you wish were still made today?

I believe "Frookies" were from the late '80's - early '90's.  These cookies were naturally sweetened with fruit juice instead of sugar, thus the name "Frookies."  I'm pretty sure the company is out of business.  It was a small company which couldn't compete with the big guys like Keebler, etc.  I'm trying to think of a product you can't buy today.  Even "Tab" is still available today, although usually only in cans.

Sweet Nothings - they were my favorite.  They were a hard candy like Life Savers. I don't think they were around long.