Just found out that I have type one diabetes

Can anyone give me some advise about how to control diabetes and how to live with parents who are to controlling?  Does anyone know of any good recipes?  If anyone has advise please massage me.

hey sorry about your recent diagnosis, I wish there was something I could say to make you feel better but after surviving my own diagnosis a billion years ago I just think there isn't.    lots of people told me it would be okay and I could do anything I wanted to do and I could lead a "normal" life, but that didn;t make me feel any better.

the only thing I can think of really is that the testing and the eating and shots become really routine after a while, and you will learn how to control it yourself.  since people are different - you have to figure out what kind of control you want to have and how big a deal you want ot make out of it.

as far as parents.....  i think it's important to just realize they are they way they are because they can't help it, and because they worry about you more than you will know - until you have your own kids.. then you will know.  there are a lot of people here with diabetes and whatever you are going through there are people here who have gone through that too, just come back and post a lot.

People who don't have diabetes, including parents, sometimes think that if you just follow the doctor's rules your diabetes will be well managed.  Unfortunately it's not that easy.  There are too many variables that affect blood sugar.  Over time most of us figure out how to have okay numbers, most of the time.  

Like Joe said, any parent is going to worry about his or her child and want to protect them from trouble.  You might try talking to your parents and explain how they can help you and ask for them to lighten up. 

This YouTube video about the diabetes police won't change the people in your life, but it will help you not feel so frustrated.  If you can't open this link search on youtube for "My Life as a Pincushion: The Diabetes Police."  


Thanks for the reply.  It is nice to know that people under stand what I feel.  

Wow this video is very helpful!  And there are more video's like these.  I think more people should watch this video.


         I'm am sorry about your recent diagnosis. As far as controlling your diabetes, check your blood sugar. As annoying as it is going to be do it. That is the best way to keep in control. Also, eating a healthy diet is good too. Free snacks are good for when you are hungry. Like cheese sticks or slim jims. I don't know if you like them, but when I was first diagnosed they were fully stocked in my house.

          As far as your parents, they are going to be a bit controlling for a while because they are scared. I know that being diagnosed must have been scary and you might have been thinking about how your life was going to change. As much as diabetes at times can seem minor, it changes a lot. Like you have to be more careful when your out riding a bike or a dirt bike maybe? If you break a bone, it takes so much longer to heal. It is going to suck for a while as far as them being protective.

      As far as recipes, you can find a bunch online and I have tried sooo many. A lot are good especially the deserts(:

         I hope this helps! Just keep your head up!