Just found out

I am pregnant!  Took two at home test and then had to go to the doctor because I have had horrible diarreah and took a urine test there and POSITIVE.  I am 4 weeks and 4 days and super nervous because of my m/c last October. I am praying that my little bean will stick and I finally got on the minimed pump and I had a CGM but I lost it in Mexico so I am waiting for the next one to arrive :) 

congrats! I hope everything goes well this time! <3

Thanks Batts :)


thank you.  I am 6 weeks and 3 days and I had my HCG tested yesterday and I will go in again tomorrow cuz I am super nervous I will m/c again.  I don't have ANY prego symptoms :(

Don't stress too much about the symptoms just yet, you may just be one of the LUCKY ones this time around who doesn't have to go through morning sickness! =)

I just got a positive today- I will be 4 weeks on Saturday.  We have been trying for 1 1/2 yrs and had a mc in Dec.  I know what you mean about being nervous.  We tried for 2 yrs and had 2 mc before we had our first.  The HCG levels look great though, so hopefully this one will stick.  I will send up a prayer for you too!  

Funny you have having 'technical' difficulties too.  I have an Omnipod and Dexcom Seven+.  I have had to reorder my test strips 3 times because they (not insulet, another company) keeps sending the wrong strips.  And I noticed that my CGM senors are expired.  Opps.  

Don't know if I am ready for the stresses of a diabetic pregnancy, I feel so unprepared.  I suppose nothing will ever prepare you though.

Keep us updated.  

Rachel....congrats!!! how excitting and nerve racking... My Hcg levels were 13000 then 23000 two days later with a progesterone level of 16.2.  The doctor said that they are in the normal range but I am having a hard time being afraid that this will just be another MC.  I also read that 2 mc in a row are not uncommon so I am PRAYING that our little bean will stick.  

I am also way paranoid on my blood sugars.  They were doing pretty well...staying below 145 then all of a sudden this weekend I have been spiking to 250...of course I bolus immediately to get it down but even when I hit 180 I freak out...my poor husband.

There are a few books on diabetes pregnancy.  Liked this one best.


Make sure to sign up for http://www.babycenter.com/.  They'll give you weekly updates on what changes are happening to you and your baby.  Like at 4 weeks your baby has a heartbeat!  

When I was pregnant I aimed for a pre and post meal blood sugar of 80 and tested a lot to make sure I didn't have lows.  One of the best things that helped my blood sugars throughout was to eat a consistent breakfast every day (I had an English muffin with peanut butter).  Morning sickness usually hit me around dinner time, so I'd just skip dinner.  You'll be super glad to have a pump as your appetite comes and goes.  

Most people don't have significant increase in insulin needs until the 3rd trimester.  It's partly from eating more and gaining weight and partly from decreased insulin sensitivity from higher progesterone levels.  In the last trimester my insulin needs more than doubled.  It happened subtly and I mostly increase my basal rate and lowered my carb ratio.  

It's extremely likely that your OB-GYN will want to induce early or that you'll have a cesarean.  No matter how healthy your pregnancy is and how great your diabetes control is, as a diabetic it's still considered a high risk pregnancy.  

Take care and congratulations.  -Jenna

LOL i had to laugh when you said you freak when you hit 180.  i had a 177 last night and started walking.  i also am freaking.  

your HCG levels are great- you are 6 weeks now?  i was at 244 at 4 weeks exactly.  they haven't checked my progesterone, but they are starting me on a supplement.  my doc said that with my history it won't hurt anything.  i got another hcg today, won't know the results until later today or tomorrow.  

funny that you call it your little bean- that is what we called our son throughout the entire pregnancy.  i was trying to think of a new name for this one.  

i actually had to bump up my basal, icf, and isf on my pump because i kept running higher than i wanted.  i was surprised, i thought bg's dropped in the first trimester.  i did see someplace that your bg can go up or down right away and then it usually drops closer to 6-8 weeks.  

i am hoping we get to be baby buddies :)

thanks for the breakfast suggestion.  i always have a hard time with breakfast- seems like unless i eat eggs only i spike.  i have been trying to do a whole grain cracker with the REAL pb and that is ok.  i will try the english muffin too.  sounds good. :)

also thanks for the book suggestions. :)

Rachel...looks like we are due around the same time I hope we can be baby buddies too:)  thanks for comforting me through this big scare of mine...I will try not to put so much emphasis on the Hcg numbers.  I am very paranoid.  I was trying to get my doc to put me on progesterone supplements too but she said no.  I have NOOOO morning sickness and I am a little worried about that too.  Seems like that is a big sign of a "healthy" pregnancy.  

my sister is 16 weeks and has had ZERO sickness, everyone is different.  i was praying to not be sick, but alas, 5 weeks exactly literal morning sickness started.  from 8 am until 11 am i am worthless.  at least i can schedule around it.  i am doing the progesterone and i think it could be making me sick.  i was talking a maternal fetal specialist after we miscarried in dec and she said that there is NO evidence that progesterone helps at all so she never recommends it.  my primary ob-gyn told me i could start it if it would make me feel better.  so i decided to start it and it's screwing up my bg's too.  apparently peace of mind has price.  lol