Just found out!

Hi All..I just tested positive twice on the at home tests.  I am still waiting to get into see the Ob/Gyn.  I was so excited to find this site since there isnt very much literature out there on being Type I and pregnant.  Who better to get advice from then the people going through the same things.  I have been diabetic for 21 years now and I have been on a Medtronic pump for the last 3 years.  So far my BG's have been ok but they are very unpredictable and are not following the carb:insulin ratio I normally followed.  I found out I was pregnant 3 days ago and i have been adjusting my pump settings daily to try and stabilize my sugars.  I am 5 weeks along and the only symptoms I have are tender breasts and tiredness.  I noticed some people were worried if they hadnt expereienced morning sickness by this time so I thought I would state my symptoms and see if anyone had some words of advice while I wait for an appt.......


Kara, first off...CONGRATS this is such an exciting and terrifying time :)  I am 11 weeks along and each week seems to drag LOL.  It is an emotional roller coaster and then add the emotional part of being a type 1 diabetic on top of that wooohoooo.  Youll do fine just keep testing  ( million times) and ask lots of questions to all of your doctors.  The appointments are exciting and a bit overwhelming but all sooooo important to make sure you and baby are healthy.  I am still in the "nervous" stage...I have an appointment next week and I will officially be out of my first trimester.  I have had absolutely no morning sickness just sore breasts and extremely tired.  I was told that about 6-7 weeks is when the nausea was supposed to sit in but it never did...a couple of times i felt a wave of it but nothing more than that.  No matter what people tell you though you will always worry LOL...so try to worry for a minute then let it pass and talk positive to your baby and your bloodsugars haha.


Seriously don't stress if you don't get morning sickness! Mine hit at week 6 and within 1 week I lost 3 lbs. I was already under 100 lbs so my doctors put me on Zofran so I wouldn't lose any more weight. I am now 19 weeks and STILL on Zofran. Morning sickness has been dreadful, so honestly if you never get it just be grateful. Lots of women nevever get it. My best friend has 2 beautiful and healthy little girls and she never got sick once during either of her pregnancies!

My morning sickness hit the day i was 7 weeks and hasn't left :( (I'm at 20 weeks now). Keep a close eye on yours sugars, make sure you bolus 15 mins before you eat, and stay in close contact with an educator if you aren't already!

Congrats! AND be happy about no morning sickness! I lost about 12 pounds in my first trimester. I think I threw up everyday for 3 months. This causes a new problem. low blood sugars. I would bolus for what I thought I was going to eat, and then started getting sick and couldn't eat any where near what I thought I was going to... Oh well morning sickness is over now and we are 33 weeks! (although the baby is measuring at 37 weeks!) Congrats and relax, that is the best thing you can do for you and your baby!!!

Thanks everyone for all the great advice. I have my first appt next week. I have had a few low blood sugars but nothing major yet. I will keep you updated. Thank you for posting all through your pregnancy. This will be very helpful to me and other I am sure!

Becks 21- Are your doctors planning on taking the baby early because it is measuring larger? I am 19 weeks and currently the baby is measuring about 1 week ahead. Not a huge deal right now, but the doctors are keeping an eye on it.

They have said since the beginning that we wouldn't go past 38 weeks, because of difficulties that they sometimes see in t1's, and my blood pressure has been high throughout the pregnancy, and now we are just waiting to see what they are going to do. We get an ultrasound once a week, and we are just watching and waiting...