Just got a new pump. telling those who can relate

much better than mdi. more $$$ but so far worth it

You sound pumped up! I am too! I did shots for 25 years and have pumped over a decade. Can’t believe I waited so long to pump!

i just got the pump in january 2014. so far i am not thrilled. but with the help of other pumpers it is getting better. questions i had.

how much insulin do i use in a day? just figured out how the pump tells u. :slight_smile:

questions about reservoirs and infusion sites etc. major learning curve. but working thru it

any thoughts ? :slight_smile:

What kind of pump did you get? You really should be trained … each person is different with you basal rates. I have 2 basal artes one for the day and one at night. Then you need to know how much to bolus - on average it’s 1 init per 12 grams of carbs - but you have to really get good at counting carbs.

Hopefully you are using radid acting insulin not short acting insulin.

You must have gotten this pump from a friend? If you got it from a distributor they would have trained you and your MD should be checking that your A1c’s are goo - and be testing 8-10 times a day.


Which pump do you have? Have you talked to a CDE about your pump?

i got a medtronic pump. it is getting better by the day because of other pumpers and websites like this. questions that can only be answered thru experience.

training can only cover so much. other pumpers and websites like this are much better help. thanks

Which version do you have? 523 - 723 -722-522? There are plenty of videos?

What type of infusion sets are you using?