Just got back yesterday...depressed...need some encouragement :(



I just got back from my appointment with my new OB.  We did an ultra sound which was incredible because I actually got to hear the heartbeat!  The little bean actually flicked on the screen and the technician said she had never seen movement this early.  She also told me that my uterus was shaped like a heart (she used a medical term but I don't remember what it was).  The doctor came in after words and explained to me that it is actually a birth defect in me that happened when I was formed in my mother’s womb.  She said there is all sorts of levels of it but mine is not completely two halves just a "heart" shaped or it has two horns.  She didn't seem that concerned except letting me know that it poses a higher risk for miscarriage because of where the baby decides to implant...if it is close or on the septum there is not good blood supply.  She said this one is not near the septum and has implanted well.  She also said that it poses a threat for a breach baby as well as preterm labor.  She asked about my blood sugars and wanted to check my A1C also because she said that high blood sugars could lead to birth defects.  She said that according to the pregnancy wheel i am 8 weeks but from the size of the baby I am more like 6weeks 5 days.   

When I got home I started looking up this heart shaped uterus and it caused tears.  First off...why did my other doctor not tell me when I had my miscarriage of my uterus?  was it just not that detectable??? does this mean that my baby won't have enough room so I will deliver at 7 months? or deformities?  I felt so depressed because here I am working my ass off to keep my blood sugars under 150 (which is soooo challenging at times) and so I have the whole type 1 diabetic risk to baby PLUS now I have a weird uterus....So my fear of birth defects has doubled which is causing me anxiety and my blood sugars are now creeping up because of it AHHHHHHHHHH