Just got my diabetes tattoo

So after 2 years of thinking about it and finally deciding that I still wanted my tattoo. I went out on Wednesday and got it done!


I like it! It looks really good!

Looks really good. You are very brave to wear your diabetes like that. :)

i thought diabetics couldn't get tattoos because something can go wrong

i love it!!!! i posted mine too! lets see if anyone else has any "betes tats! :)

[quote user="Jozef "]i thought diabetics couldn't get tattoos because something can go wrong[/quote]

I've never heard this.  Except that if we listened to every single precaution ever given by any "diabetes expert" anywhere, we pretty much couldn't LIVE LIFE because "something could go wrong" and most of us aren't quite as good at healing as most people without diabetes.

Like, no professional pedicures?!?!  Never walk on the beach without shoes?!?!  Both because it's harder to heal and avoid infection if you have high blood sugar?!  OK, come on!  If we are healthy, in good control, and have no complications that might prevent us from feeling our feet, I don't think it's a big deal to go get a professional pedicure or something.  I've never gotten cut from either a pedicure or a walk on the beach.  It's possible in both situations, but in the worst case scenario of actually getting cut by something we're not positive is clean, we can call our doctors or go by the urgent care clinic for antibiotics.

Ultimately, it's up to us to understand and weigh the risks behind things like this and make a decision.  Like I still get pedicures, but I always turn down the big, scary, razor-looking thing they use to shave away dead skin, because my CDE said that's much more likely to cut you than anything they might do during a pedicure.  (Even if I woke up and magically had no diabetes tomorrow, I would still totally turn down the razor thing, because I don't want to get cut by that thing in the first place!)

Very nice! I'm going to get one soon too. Not sure when but soon I will. I got to many Tattoo ideas at the moment I don't know what to get. Aha

never thought about it that way, now im considering getting 1 because i always lose my medical necklace. does anybody have some design ideas?

That tatoo looks really nice!

Thank you all :)

I definitely recommend for anyone who wants to get one to think about it for awhile. Especially where you want to put it and how it's going to look.

I definitely agree that tattoos can be dangerous for diabetics. I actually got my first tattoo before I was diabetic and had no bleeding, swelling, peeling, or pain at all with the first one. This one has been a lot different and I do think it has to do with being diabetic. As long as your sugars are good and you take care of the tattoo I don't see any harm in diabetics getting them. Plus I know a lot of people who have diabetic tattoos.

Here's a great website if you guys want to see more diabetic tattoos.


it's amazinggg. i love it! thinking of having one of them, can't decide.

I totally agree with you !!  Be smart about things and you'll be ok.

I got pedicures every two weeks and never had a problem.  I go to the same place and they are pretty clean.  Plus, if I have any type of cut on my foot (I can be completly clumsy sometimes) that hasn't 100% healed - I will wait to have my toes done!

OMG How come you have my birthday on your leg??? LOL Looks great!!!! I got mine A year after being dx'ed.

[quote user="Keith221"]

OMG How come you have my birthday on your leg??? LOL Looks great!!!! I got mine A year after being dx'ed.


Hahahaha I was diagnosed on your birthday. 

The tat is starting to peel now and definitely looks a lot better than this picture! And not so dark of course :)

Love it! Wear it with Pride

very cool!

That website was cool, but I laughed at the one where "dependent" is spelled wrong.  Nobody checks those things??


Anyways, when did diabetes get its own ribbon logo with the blood drop?  (Not really appealing, being just another condition with its own color of ribbon....sigh.)


But I definitely like the idea of having it act like a permanent MedicAlert bracelet!  :)

Is this some kind of standard Diabetes tattoo?  Or did you come up with the design yourself.

Either way, I think its pretty sweet, and now I'm considering getting one.

I saw some comments about Diabetics and not being able to get tattoos, and the reason that people say that is because there are quite a few "dirty" tattoo parlors out there, and we all know how slowly diabetic heal, so our risk for infection is much greater, I got a tattoo, and I just made sure every chance I had (which sometimes was 15 times a day) I smeared Triple Antibiotic ointment on it, not only does that protect you from infection, that interestingly enough, helps with the tattoo not fading as fast.

But, the point is, Diabetics can get tattoos you just need to make sure to be EXTRA careful for the next few weeks after you get it.  If it looks like it could be infected, go to a dr. right away

I love this!! What a great idea. I've been wanting something to remind me to test, and have it somewhere on my wrist so I would always see it. Thank you so much for the inspiration and idea. Also thank you to the person who put the link on here for other ideas. It's great that so many of us are embrassing our diabetes rather than hiding it. : )