Just had a kidney biopsy

I got diagnosed with diabetes when I was six years old in 1997. About six months ago I went in for a routine visit with my diabetes doctor and mentioned I would like to get pregnant. They started me on a whole range of tests, which came back that I was having serious kidney problems. For the past two months I have been seeing a kidney specialist. This past week, I got a kidney biopsy because no one could fully understand what was happening and why my kidneys were beginning to fail at this point in my life.

Has anyone else has a kidney biopsy because it has been awful. It was terrifying with so many doctors and now I am waiting for the results. They said one of my tests came back negative but we’re waiting on several more. They said it could just be from my diabetes and we will deal with that when the rest of the results come in. I am terrified. I need someone to talk to.

I am twenty-three years old, I just wanted to get pregnant and now I can hardly breathe without crying from the incision. I just feel like my doctors will not give me a straight answer. What does it mean if my kidneys are failing due to diabetes? What do I do?

Is there anyone who is in the same boat as me or has been? I feel like I need to be strong for my family, so I try not to show my fear. My husband of two years had no idea he was walking into this and thank god he is so supportive and my family is wonderful but I don’t have the guts to let them see me fall apart.

I need some help…