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Hi all,

After 19 years of this disease, I'm finally welcoming myself to the online T1D community. For whatever reason, as crazy as diabetes was during puberty, it seems to stress me out more often now that I'm a young adult, so I'm beyond glad to find somewhere to find somebody that understands.

Can't wait to get started!

Welcome! There's also a college/T1 group of you want to check it out...

Welcome to the place of understanding!  This is a great place!

welcome! so happy to have you here! and we DO understand. let us know if we can help! :)

Welcome!  Yea, it's great to be able to talk to people to understand.  I was just trying to complain to my dad about medtronic not sending me sensors, until I realized how ridiculous it was to explain to him how CGMs work just so I could complain about it.  Lol.  Moral of the story: not everybody gets it.  ;) But we do.