Just Joined and am a b-ball fanatic!

Hey, I just joined! I'm love to play b-ball and have diabetes :(

Welcome to the site. I am also a big basketball fan.  Used to play a lot but as I have gotten older and the body doesn't do what the mind wants it to do combined with not as much free time to play, I don't get to play much now-a-days.  I did coach a 5-6th grade girls basketball team this year though and my 7 year old just started playing so that has really gotten me back onto the court.  Going to start playing with some guys who I used to hoop with back in the day too. 


What have your experiences been playing ball with diabetes? Have you run into any problems with low blood sugar when you play? Do you have a pump? If so how does that work when you play ball (I take shots).