Just joined so hola

or whathaveyou, i have t1 dx when i was 26, so hello again and look forward to partcipating with this community.  is this a pretty active forum, with pretty decent distinctions from the t1 t2 forums or is everthing just kinda mangalled all together no offensive to t2's but at the same time i don't have t2 and would like to share my comments concerns triumphs and what ever with those of the same disease, the previous forum i visited was like that for quite sometime but has gradually mashed in to a cluster of confusion with misinformation because of like but not same diseases,

just curious...


I'm fairly new too, but I'd have to say that this forum is pretty active, and everything is pretty much just type 1 stuff :)

Welcome!!!! Yep, this is the place to come and not listen to those whinny type 2's. Just kidding LOL We are a type 1 forum. Ask, rant or whatever helps is OK

Welcome!!!  Juvenation is a great place to be able to both give and receive support from other t1s.  Glad you're here!

Welcome to Juvenation !! We're a Type 1 community (with an occasional rant about T2's, lol) that is full of helpful info, support and friendship ! 

Hello Jeremiah, this is the only diabetes site I know about that is exclusively for type 1 diabetics. It is a very good site, I have no disappointments in it. There are very few older diabetics here, but I enjoy talking to the younger folks. They have welcomed me here, and I feel at home here. I have been type 1 for 65 years and I am very healthy. I hope that enables you to realize that you can have a long, healthy life with type 1.

Ask all the questions you want, you will get good help here!


Hello, I am pretty new here too. Just got diagnosed a few months ago (at age 29). I've found a lot of useful information here and a lot of stuff that is just fun to read!

Hello and welcome. This forum is pretty active and the people are helpful and know what they are talking about.

I am a mom to a type 1 and I have found to be welcomed with open arms, as she is still too small to access the help herself, she is 6.

I hope that you find everything that you are looking for.

sounds great thank you all for the welcome and i look forward to particpating with everyone here,  here is a lil about meself. i was dx at 26 with a bs well in the 900's.  i own a lil bbq restarant and have a beautiful wife and two kids, i thought i lived in the sunshine state but it has been like 20 degrees for the last week here in florida, sooo i dunno if it still can maintain that title(i realize i am complaining like one who complains of too much money, but it is freezing arse cold).


Yes it has been FREEZING (well for us), but I wasn't going to say anything out of respect for the mid-westerners and northerners out there.  And don't forget the Canadians (you'll find them here also). 

What is the name of your bbq joint?




welcome to juvenation! happy to have you here with us :o)

my restaurant is called woody's bbq it is a franchise we just have the one for now but alas we are soo young in the restaurant game.  if your in florida you hopefully should know who woody's is. but we just started really started expanding as a company which is great there are like 40 plus restaurants throughout the southeast u.s....

sooo if your ever around please support the cause you won't be disappointed we put out some really good bbq. it is funny because i would never recommend anyone going into foodservice as an owner but i wouldn't change it for the world, could do without the stress but what is life if it isn't stressful, and full of landmines that need dodging. but making and selling food and interacting with pleasurable customers is always worth more than its weight in gold. and i would never change it for the world.

I've been to Woody's many times.  The Oviedo location is close to my home.  They recently closed for renovation and never opened back up.  Now the sign says "Closed".  We were disappointed.  It was there for at least 13 years.  It is good stuff!

I also have a foodservice background.  That is one way to get your daily exoercise, even though my doc would never count running around at Starbucks and Panera as exercise.  Oh well.