Just joined :)

hello my name is stephanie i just found this group on facebook. i hoping to make new friends and lean all i can about my condition. ive been type one for about 5 yrs now its been a difficult journey but i am glad to know that there are groups out there to make me feel that i am not alone with this disease :) 

Welcome aboard, Stephanie! -you are definitely not alone and a wide variety of ages and years with D represented here - great to have you with us :)



thank you :) feeling welcomed already 

We're glad you found us, Stephanie! :)

so happy to have you here! juvenation is the best place to be :o)

Welcome Stephanie!

definitely not alone :) message me we can be friends! i love meeting new people

welcome, welcome, welcome!!! :)

Welcome Stephanie! There is definitely a bunch of people here, you are definitely not alone. Keep Positive!



Welcome, I have only been on here for about two months.  I have had type 1 for many years and this site has been great.  It's a really great place to learn more, realize you are not alone and sometimes just vent. 

Welcome to a great source of support for us with type 1 diabetes.