Just keeps getting better

I've was away helping friends and I fell down.  Hand out and thought I broke something, hurt bad. I was away from the VA Hospital, so no big deal I'll wait. Well they weren't very happy with me, They said I should have come in within 12 hours not a week. LOL Then came to good and bad news. Yes,  I had a break, an old healed one. I don't remember breaking my hand. That was the good news. Now for the bad. I have been told I have Arthritis in my hand and elbow. Great now I have 2 chronic conditions.( Wow my spelling is getting so much better, spelled the last word right. LOL)  I guess I have a new friend "Pain". I just love this getting older. One more nice thing I guess is in Feb. I get my Senior Discount. ROFLMAO Looks like between the neuropathy in my legs and feet, arthritis in my feet, fingers, hand and elbow and diabetes early retirement for me. The Dr.'s are telling me that all the years of being a mechanic have taken a toll. Like an old car I am worn out. Just great!  Now I am an old, fat, teeth messed up from diabetes (falling out and nothing can be done), belly with black and blue all over it, old man with type 1 diabetes and arthritis. I am such the hot hunk.  Who wants that???    

if you had a little more confidence, everyone would want it, keith ;o)

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if you had a little more confidence, everyone would want it, keith ;o)


Thanks C. They did in my youth. LOL