Just loosing it

I'm sure everyone has been there. their control is going along great. their A1C is coming down and suddenly MAJOR life change- and you can't get your diabetes under control again. I spend all day with my blood sugars jumping from 350 to 40 back and forth all day; while I am at a job I simply hate. I wake up with very high highs and very low lows in the morning. While it has gotten to the point that I am  writing everything down and still just as confused as ever about how to change my life for the better at this point. =p I'll be seeing my doc soon and hoping that he has some advice but, ugh.  I'm just in a lot of hurt all day.

Hey Stilled, I think I can kinda see what's happening. From reading your profile it sounds like you just came back from an outdoorsy trip? I bet that would definitely do it - your insulin sensitivity probably dropped significantly since coming back. I experienced the same thing when I went on vacation a couple of weeks ago. Because I was doing less exercise and eating more proteins and fats than usual it was pretty common to wake up with a BG of 350.... so frustrating. Do you use a pump? If so I think I could help a bit 

Hey stilledlife, well I've been going through much of the same thing since June. But my major change was the fact that in June i had surgery to remove one side of my throyid because of cancer & ever since that surgery I can't get ahold of my #'s. I'm going from 1.2 mmol/l to 30.8 mmol/l(21.6 mg/l to 554.4 mg/l). I've never had to be rushed to the hospital before or I've never had to go home either due to my #'s but since I started this job 1 week after surgery( it was ok'd by the surgeron) I've been sent to the er 4 times & sent home due  or decided to go home due to #'s 6 times. I almost lost my job b/c they thought I was somehow faking these things!!! But they have now realized it's no joke or laughing matter & my dr's have put me off on short term disiablity until I can have things sorted out & get me & my #'s back on track. So I know how you feel so hang in there & hopefully your doc will have some advice to help but if your that worried maybe you should call your dr to see if they can get you in for an emergency appt??

We've all been there which is one of the things making diabetes so incredibly frustrating. You simply just can't figure out what you're doing "wrong" and it brings about negative feelings and emotions, which in turn can also wreak havoc on your numbers.

As long as you know you are trying your best, sometimes that's what's most important. We can't control every aspect of our lives and we have absolutely no control over how our body will respond. You are doing what you can and enlisting help from your doctor - to me, this sounds like you are in your best control (even though it doesn't seem like it). Even though you aren't seeing the results you want right now, remember you've probably been through situations like this before and everything turned out okay then, just as they will now.

I understand how frustrating it is while you're going through it. Good luck to you. We are here to support you :o) Keep your chin up - this too shall pass!